Ted Cruz Wants To Literally ‘Kill’ Obamacare

During the Conservative Leadership Project on Friday night, Ted Cruz was being interviewed by South Carolina’s Attorney General, Alan Wilson, who asked him what he would do about Obamacare. Ted Cruz offered a bold response.

“Take it out in a back alley and put two bullets in the back of its head.”

This forum was stationed in Columbia which included other conservative candidates.

His response against the Affordable Care Act follows a week when the political theater among conservatives has taken a dramatic turn, with the highest polling candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump not only redirecting their focus on each other, but also ramping up their attacks right before the Republican party decides on their nominee.

According to CNN politics the conflict between both contenders took place hours before both candidates were scheduled to make an appearance at a Tea Party event in South Carolina.

This is the first weekend of campaigning after the final GOP debate where Ted Cruz went after New Yorkers and their liberal mayor, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As mentioned in the article, Donald Trump did not hesitate to defend New York.

Even more according to the New York Post, Ted Cruz did not actually apologize to New Yorkers for what he said but rather, apologized to them for having liberal leaders.

Even celebrity interviewer Larry King got on Twitter to respond to Ted Cruz’s fake “apology.”

Regarding Ted Cruz’s statement on doing away with the Affordable Care Act, there is no doubt that his analogy as executioner also has a lot to do with the president’s standing on gun reform, which he enforced by executive order, as the Inquisitr also covered.

The site Factivists has posted a response to Ted Cruz apparently made by the DNC spokesperson Eric Walker.

“Ted Cruz has confirmed there just isn’t much difference between any of the extremists running for President in the Republican Party this year, and none of them are worthy of the office they seek.”

As the campaign cycle narrows down to its final year, the media has offered various views about the candidates and very recently conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks put out an op-ed which described Ted Cruz as satanic. The article has gone viral which referred to how Ted Cruz was all doom and gloom on his campaign trail where he calls for things to be destroyed and annihilated, rather than offer detailed solutions.

Days before the piece was published, Brooks made the same comments on the PBS Newshour.

The response from New Yorkers continue under the hashtag #NewYorkValues, where even the pundit opposite Brooks in the video shown, tweeted out his view on the potential scandal with Ted Cruz and Goldman Sachs.

The heated exchange only works if there’s a second party involved and so the accusations of Ted Cruz not being a natural-born citizen has been Donald Trump’s latest position, which is very much like it was when President Obama was his target when he was campaigning in 2012, when he was spreading doubts that the president’s birth certificate was even real.

Trump even said that Democrats were likely to sue to solve the issue of Ted Cruz’s right to the presidency. Thus far, according to a new report published by the Associated Press, he was correct.

As a matter of fact, the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal ran with the AP story saying that a lawyer out of Houston has filed a lawsuit against Ted Cruz.

As the Inquisitr reported last year, Houston has remained a largely liberal city for 30 years, and continues to be one with the recent electoral win of a Democratic mayor, Sylvester Turner.

Even so there’s reason to believe that at the most, Ted Cruz will have something to say about that as well, or at least his father will, as he’s already gone after a Houston mayor before. An article on Mother Jones refers to when the pastor said it was “appalling” that Houston had elected a gay mayor after Anise Parker was voted into office.

Ted Cruz had also already made his stance against the Affordable Care Act (ACA), otherwise known as Obamacare, long ago when he single-handedly shut down the government in 2013, which CNN points out he isn’t bringing up on his campaign trail.

“But on his six-day Iowa tour last week, Cruz didn’t mention the shutdown once. It hasn’t come up in the debates. Undecided voters don’t ask about it in town halls.”

The article goes even further to show that the reason people didn’t ask about the Ted Cruz shutdown is because they weren’t following him prior to the last year, at the very least, long after October, 2013, so they didn’t know about it.

Greeville-Online provides more details on the conservative leadership forum where Ted Cruz promised to rip the Iran deal to shreds, get rid of every one of President Obama’s executive orders, reinstate Supreme Court Justices that were faithful to the constitution, and other promises along with his vow to “kill” Obamacare.

[Featured image by Jamelle Bouie via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]