‘How To Get That Sexy Thigh Gap Easily’ Video From ‘E! Online’ Backlash: Thigh Gap Video Removed

The controversial thigh gap is back in the news. The Yahoo! article titled “A Cosmetic Procedure for Taylor Swift’s Thigh Gap Is Being Promoted on E! News” has brought the spotlight to an E! piece titled “How to Get That Sexy Thigh Gap Easily,” which has been removed from the places that it originally appeared. Indeed, a Google search for “How to Get That Sexy Thigh Gap Easily” shows plenty of places purporting to have the video, but a visit to those links proves that the article and video attached to the controversial thigh gap piece have been deleted.

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It’s not the first time the thigh gap has faced controversy. As reported by the Inquisitr, the terms “thigh gap” and “thigh brow” became hashtags on social media — with both terms representing a certain look that particular thighs can produce, many times on thinner women. As such, having a thigh gap has become an ideal for impressionable people to obtain, while others warn that thigh gaps might only appear on certain body types, and shouldn’t be a goal to strive to attain. Perhaps these are the reasons why the E! News piece was so controversial, promising viewers they could have a procedure that will give them a thigh gap that they’d love, just like Taylor Swift’s thigh gap.

“Nurse Jamie breaks down the simple and painless procedure that will leave your legs looking like Taylor Swift’s!”

Thigh gaps are so controversial that the thigh gap hashtag no longer displays any posts on Instagram.

Known as the space created between thighs when the thighs don’t touch at certain points, thigh gaps can be a natural occurrence, or happen when a person starves or develops eating disorders in order to gain a thigh gap. With hashtags like #fitspo and #thinspiration popping up everywhere on social media — and being used by some to promote eating disorders — the thigh gap can skirt dangerously close to that territory.

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The fact that a procedure was touted as an easier and faster way to get a thigh gap caused E! News to receive backlash on social media. Although the E! News videos online were dated December 28, the channel brought their “How to Get That Sexy Thigh Gap Easily” segment to TV on Wednesday night. The thigh gap procedure didn’t meet with positive reviews from everyone who witnessed the segment.

Instead of plastic surgery, the segment spoke of getting Kybella to create a thigh gap. According to Real Self, Kybella has plenty of positive reviews from people who’ve received the injectables to destroy fat cells, be they in a double chin or other parts of the body. Apparently, lots of questions have come into the website about achieving thigh gaps, either through liposuction or some other means. Nevertheless, the suggestions that were aired on the rebroadcasting of the E! News segment on January 14 were met with scorn by some, as the station blamed holiday weight for causing a desire to look as good as Swift and her thigh gap.

“If you gained some holiday weight, help is falling right into your lap. Yeah, it is. Actually, right between your thighs. If T. Swift’s thigh gap is inspiring some of your New Year’s resolutions, we’re revealing a shortcut to make it happen…[with a] simple, painless, and semipermanent procedure to give us regular folks that thigh gap. Starting at 300 bucks, it’s a cosmetic procedure with impressive results — and costs less than an iPhone.”

thigh gap photo

The above photo shows a rail thin model with a thigh gap. The goal to weigh so little and have legs so slender that a thigh gap becomes a reality is what is part of the dangerous trend. If it happens naturally based on a person’s body type, that’s one thing — but to strive to create a thigh gap, even when feet are together, is not a healthy goal if obtained using unhealthy means.

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