Joey Feek Cancer Update: Rory Says He Has ‘No Desire To Go On Singing Or Performing’ Without Joey

Rory Feek has been a constant in his wife, Joey Feek’s, life for the past 13 years. The country music duo has performed together, toured the United States together, raised a family together, and now, as the end of Joey’s life nears, Rory stands by her, never once leaving her side.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joey Feek was diagnosed with stage four cervical cancer in 2014, three months after giving birth to her daughter Indiana (Indy). She later underwent a radical hysterectomy and several rounds of radiation and chemotherapy. Although she appeared to be getting better, a mid-October scan revealed that her cancer had not only returned, but had spread to other parts of her body including her colon.

There was nothing left for Joey’s doctors to do. She could continue to undergo chemo and radiation, but it would only buy her time, not the cure she had so desperately hoped and prayed for. Joey’s prognosis was grim, leaving her with a difficult choice: continue treatment, or say “enough is enough.” After talking it through with Rory and her family, Joey decided to stop treatment, and returned to her home to spend out her final days with her family in hospice care.

Joey and Rory Feek santa
Joey Feek and her family visit with Santa and Mrs. Clause
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Since Joey’s cancer diagnosis, Rory has been documenting her battle on his blog This Life I Live. He shares frequent updates on his wife’s condition, along with precious memories and photos of Joey and her family. Earlier this week, Rory shared a heartbreaking post. He revealed that Joey had been having many conversations with Jesus, and had told him that if “He’s ready to take her… she’s ready to come home.”

Millions of people have been following Joey’s story, and many of them were wondering what Rory would do when Joey and Rory was no longer a duo. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rory shared his plans, revealing that he had no desire to ever sing or perform without Joey, and their newest album Hymns That Are Important To Us, which is due out in February, will be their last.

“This is the last record that Joey and I will ever get to make and the last songs we’ll ever get to sing together,” Rory said. “I have no desire to go on singing or performing without her.”

Joey and Rory
Joey and Rory performing together
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Hymns That Are Important To Us, which was available for pre-sale on Friday and will be available at Cracker Barrel on February 12, is a combination of Joey and Rory’s favorite hymns. It also includes the ironic song “When I’m Gone” that the couple recorded in 2012. Rory said their daughter, Indy, who turns two next month, already knows the songs by heart and loves hearing her mother sing them to her.

“Her mama rocked her to sleep singing them and has even taught Indy how to sing along with sign language on ‘Jesus Loves Me,'” Rory said. “Joey singing these songs is a big part of Indy’s life so far, and I know that these songs will go on to be very important to her as she grows up and is able to hear Joey still singing them to her when we play the album.”

Joey Feek Health Update: Country Singer Is Near Death, Having Talks With Jesus, Husband Writes In Emotional Post
Joey reads Indy a book from her hospice bed
[Photo via This Life I Live]
Throughout Joey’s entire cancer battle, their fans have been as loyal as ever. Many of them check in on social media and Rory’s blog daily to see how Joey is doing and offer their support.

“We’ve received hundreds, if not thousands of letters and cards and gifts that people have sent to us through all of this,” Rory told the entertainment news site. “Many of them tell stories of their struggles with cancer, their families, and their faith. They write and share their hearts with us to encourage us, just as we strive to encourage them through our journey and my blog.”

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