‘The Wrong Car’ Lifetime Movie Thriller Reminds Of Dangers Of Uber, Rideshare Services, True Story Included

The Wrong Car is a new sensational thriller that is programmed to air on Lifetime television this weekend. The Wrong Car, also known as Black Car, is about a young law student who discovers that she was sexually assaulted in a hotel after accepting a ride with a popular rideshare company. The movie is an appropriate one, since there are a slew of true story-experiences that are similar to the Lifetime movie, according to Cnet. The Wrong Car (Black Car) is directed by John Stimpson. The cast of stars Francia Raisa as Gretchen, Danielle Savre as Trudy, Christina Elmore as Det. Jackson, Jackson Davis as Donovan, Jesse Gabbard as Juan, Rhet Kidd as Roger, Kevin G. Cox as Charles, and Jeremiah Kissel as Dr. Bell, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

The Wrong Car movie synopsis

Produced by Moody Independent, Trudy is a dedicated law student who desperately needs a break away from studying. She doesn’t go out a lot, but her close friends convince her to put down the books and have some drinks for a girl’s night out. At the night club, things are really “jumping,” and Trudy seems to be having a good time, but ultimately decides to leave the club early. However, her girlfriends aren’t ready to end the night, which forces Trudy to order a NetCar. But, what starts out as a simple ride home from the club turns into disaster after Trudy wakes up in a hotel, realizing that she’s been raped. As she thinks back, she remembers that the NetCar driver offered her bottled water that may have been tainted with drugs. Trudy becomes even more exasperated after the police can’t find the driver who picked her up, causing Trudy to take the law into her own hands by becoming a NetCar driver so that she can find him on her own terms and get the justice she deserves.

Lifetime’s The Wrong Car is a cautionary tale for young women who frequent clubs and order taxis or rideshare cars after a night out. It seems like a movie that could never happen in real life. But, surprisingly there are several true stories that could have been the inspiration for writers of The Wrong Car.

Here are a couple of real cases that are happening around the country.

A victim accused a 30-year old Uber driver of raping her. In her statement to police, she stated that she woke up in a strange apartment with him on top of her. After he sexually assaulted her, he took her home in a black car. As of April 2015, the charges were dropped against the driver after new information was revealed, according to ABC-7.

In Denver, Uber contract driver Galeano-Bedon sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman who woke up just as he was raping her. According to the Denver Post, the driver asked her to move to the front seat, where he began inserting his fingers into her vagina against her will.

After a night of drinking, a 26-year old California woman got into an Uber car driven by Frederick Dencer, a 32-year old man from Encino. Police say some time after she got into the vehicle she passed out. When she woke up, she she found herself in a motel room with the driver. In that case, police say there was some inappropriate fondling but no sexual assault, according to the LA Times.

Rideshare services are particularly risky for young women who are targeted by these companies because they often leave the nightclubs drunk or intoxicated. In an article by Laist, it talks about why Uber is especially attractive to young women who may find themselves without a ride after a night of drinking and bar hopping.

“For some, using Uber for illegal activities might seem like the perfect vehicle. The cars are clean, air conditioned and, mostly importantly, reliable. When you use the app, you can see how far away the car is from you and you can track its approach. Once inside the drivers are typically nice, some have bottled water and good music. Taxis, in comparison, are more expensive and—worst of all—you never know when they will arrive or if they will come. If you are trying to do a deal where time is of the essence, cabs are unreliable and a poor choice.”

#TheWrongCar airs on the Lifetime channel on Saturday January 16th at 8 p.m. Recently, The Inquisitr reported on a couple of other movies, such as Lifetime Movie Network’s 911 Nightmare and A Fatal Obsession.

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