Teacher’s Aide Kyle Damato-Kushel Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting More Teen Boys

Kyle Damato-Kushel, a former Trumbull, Connecticut, teacher’s aide, arrested last year for having sex with a teen boy inside her home, was arrested again Monday night after being accused of sexually assaulting two more minor boys.

Trumbull Times reports that Damato-Kushel, 46, turned herself into police this week on an outstanding warrant for alleged sexual assault that took place with two teenage boys at the Trumbull Marriott hotel, in August, 2014. According to the police report, the former teacher’s aide engaged in sex in a hotel room with a 15-year-old boy and his 16-year-old friend, both of Stratford.

The former teacher’s aide and paraprofessional is already facing previous charges of sexual assault, which include impairing the morals of a child, and tampering with a witness, after she allegedly had sexual relations for more than two years with a teenage boy. The incident reportedly took place inside her family home off of Overland Drive in Stratford, as well as numerous other places.

Damato-Kushel’s husband alerted authorities after hearing voices in the family home. Thinking their house was being burglarized, he called the police. When authorities arrived, they found Damato-Kushel and teen in the “man cave” area of the home. Court documents indicate that she offered the teen $900 to keep quiet, but her DNA was found in the boy’s underwear.

Damato-Kushel, a married mother of three children, once worked at Wooster Middle School in Stratford. She began working at the school in 2006. She didn’t meet the victim at the middle school, but she had reportedly taught him while he was in preschool.

Kyle Damato-Kushel poses for a photo in 2013, around the time she allegedly began sexually assaulting a minor boy. (Photo via Facebook)

The teen told police that sexual assault started happening when he was only in the seventh grade, and that most sessions would take place inside Damato-Kushel’s home, but that they began meeting in other places as the meetups continued. He claimed that he entered Damato-Kushel’s home via an unlocked window and would leave before her husband woke up for work.

Allegedly, Damato-Kushel became pregnant by the teen after engaging in sex almost every night for years. The victim stated that she informed him she had a miscarriage.

According to Janet Robinson, the Stratford Superintendent of Schools. Damato-Kushel lost her job at Wooster Middle School once word got out that she had been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor.

“Once we received the DCF report on November 9th, 2015 that substantiated the allegations, she was terminated.We will not tolerate this type of behavior, regardless of where it happens. Our responsibility is to protect and educate our students. I am thankful to the Stratford Police Department for bringing this disturbing case to a swift resolution.”

The former teacher’s aide’s most recent charges reportedly happened while Damato-Kushel’s daughters, ages eight and 15, were in the hotel room. She’s charged with four counts of risking injury to a minor, second-degree sexual assault, and two counts of fourth-degree sexual assault.

So far there is no indication as to how she met the two boys, but police stated that the 16-year-old victim informed them that both he and his 15-year-old friend had sex with Damato-Kushel in a hotel room in August, 2014. She allegedly picked the boys up and drove them both to the hotel room. According to her attorneys, she refuses to give any interviews regarding any of the charges she faces.

Kyle Damato-Kushel was arrested for sexually assaulting two minor boys, but made bail this week. (Photo by Shutterstock)

Kyle Damato-Kushel posted a $50,000 bond earlier this week and is currently free, awaiting a January 21 trial, stemming from her first arrest. If found guilty on her charges, she faces more than 10 years in prison and fines in excess of $10,000.

[Photo Courtesy of Stratford Police Department]