The “Zombie Summer” Is Over: “Vampire” Attacks Boy In Texas

The so-called “zombie summer” is so last week. Get ready for an early start to “vampire fall” as bloodsuckers nudge zombies aside as our supernatural predators, kick-started by a man who bit a teenage boy on the neck in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Despite a disturbing trend of “zombie-like” crimes in which perpetrators bite chunks from the flesh of unsuspecting victims around the world (sometimes spurred on by drug use, notably, the mysterious “bath salts”) a new trend might be on the rise: vampire-related crime. Corpus Christi, Texas: a 16-year-old boy was bitten on the neck yesterday by a man he accidentally bumped into while walking down the street, according to NY Daily.

According to the Corpus Christi Caller: “Officers met with the 16-year-old who was being treated at Driscoll Children’s Hospital after 11 p.m. The teen told police he was walking down Shoreline Boulevard when he accidentally bumped into a … man (who) attacked him, bit him on the neck, breaking the skin and ran off, police said.”

As stated by authorities, the man’s teeth broke the skin on the boy’s neck, but no reports indicated whether or not the attacker actually tried to drink his victim’s blood. The boy was taken to the local hospital by his mother and was treated for minor injuries. The boy’s attacker was described as a Latino man in his early 20’s.

This is a very unusual case,” Corpus Christi police officer Julia Hernandez-Garcia told the local news station. “I’ve been here for 27 years, and I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

Also no report on whether or not the boy has begun to go through “the change.”

Do you think that the Corpus Christi vampire attack signals a new trend in strange crime? Sound off below!