Naked Waffle House Customer Goes On Rampage, Police Say

A naked woman reportedly went berserk in a Georgia Waffle House restaurant, local police allege.

“The accused stripped off all of her clothes off in front of Waffle House staff and patrons during a suspected excited delirium state,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported, per the arrest warrant.

In the incident that occurred last Friday evening, the suspect allegedly broke the nose of another female customer with a punch to the face and threw plates or platters at customers, as well as one at a responding cop, and damaged a window in the process.

“Late-night diners at a Waffle House in Kennesaw, Ga., were treated to an unwanted dinner and a show Friday, complete with full frontal nudity and violence,” Eater explained.

While resisting arrest, she also allegedly scratched a cop’s chin, causing it to bleed.

The suspect, identified in multiple media accounts as Jennifer Mary Nicholson, 38, faces a host of charges including aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, simple assault, obstruction, simple battery, and public indecency.

As of today, she is detained without bond in Cobb County Jail, according to the booking records of the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office.

Although it’s unclear what caused the nude rampage, the Death and Taxes website theorized that “At some point during all this, she took off her clothes…because why go on a drugged out rampage through a Waffle House when you could make it a naked drugged out rampage?”

Founded in 1955 in the Atlanta area, and still headquartered there, the Waffle House 24-7 breakfast chain and purported cultural icon has more than 2,000 locations in 25 states, with a primary focus on the south.

Waffle House was also in the news this week when two employees were filmed apparently styling their hair in front of the open kitchen grill using restaurant equipment, this after a customer found hair in his food. The manager of the Arkansas store subsequently terminated the two employees, and the health inspector paid a visit to the restaurant to check things out.

Last October, an apparently disgruntled and very price-conscious Waffle House customer was accused of shattering the front door of the restaurant over a 50-cent increase in the price of a sausage biscuit, according to police in another Atlanta suburb.

Separately, in an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s TV show, celebrity chef/CNN host and international foodie Anthony Bourdain revealed that on a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina, he “discovered the glories of the Waffle House…It’s apparently a place you can go and no matter how wrecked and obnoxious you are, or how late at night, they’re nice to you.”

Although there have been numerous freakouts at other fast-food restaurants across the country that have been featured at the Inquisitr, for some people anyway, it seems that Waffle House is often the epicenter of crime (such as recent armed robbery in South Carolina) or weird behavior.

“Police and security experts point out that’s because they deal in a lot of cash, have many restaurants in high-crime areas that are next to interstates (making for easy getaways) and are open 24 hours a day,” Fox News explained. A Waffle House representative countered that these incidents get more attention “when it happens at a Waffle House” rather than another eatery.

The Waffle House, including its often earthy or raucous atmosphere, is a guilty pleasure for fans from all walks of life. Are you an admirer of the Waffle House restaurant and its 24-hour breakfast menu?

[Photo by Ric Feld/AP]