Columbus Short Just Married His Next Big Mistake

Columbus Short last surfaced in the news when he was released from his contract on ABC’s Scandal. The actor had been accused by his then wife, actress Tanee McCall-Short, of domestic abuse. After a series of court disputes, Columbus Short was charged for the crimes against his wife. Now, just two years later, Short is remarried, and you won’t believe who his new wife is.

She is known famously for dating and bedding big name hip hop icons in the late 90s and early 2000s. Due to her reported talents behind closed doors, the vide model was given the nickname “Superhead,” and went on to become a wealthy woman by publishing tell-all books, like Confessions of a Video Vixen and The Vixen Diaries. Recently, Karrine Steffans as she is formally called, posted an Instagram photo of her hand complete with nude polished fingernails but, most importantly, an engagement ring. Based on Karrine Steffans own statements, Columbus Short is her legal spouse.

It was after a concerned fan commented on Steffans engagement photo to “be careful,” apparently referring to Columbus Short’s history of domestic violence. Instead of welcoming the warning from her supporter, Karrine went into full defense mode in honor of her marriage.

“Ma’am… this is my husband. Legally. Try minding your business. Lord. You people. So nosy but never know what you’re talking about.”

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The truth is that Columbus short never actually went to prison for harming his former wife. In fact, based on the findings of People, Short was only punished for his public display of anger and aggression in a restaurant. Even then, Columbus Short avoided prison and was instead sentenced to three years of probation. When asks about his violence toward women, Columbus Short has failed to make a statement. Luckily, there are some telling facts which prove that there’s something fishy about columbus Short and marriages.

The actor was first married to Brandi Short, which did not last more than two years. Then in 2005, he married Tanee McCall Short, to whom he was wed for almost 10 years. The two separated many times and publicized their reunions. Their last effort to make it work resulted in a short film, titled The End Again. Last year, Tanee told Hello Beautiful, the reason Columbus Short was cast for the role of Joe, was not for publicity but because of their chemistry on camera.

Columbus Short and former wife Tanee McCall [Image via Jason LaVeris/Getty Images]

“I would say our working relationship and artistically I think that’s what held us together as long as it did. We’re really into the arts all arts, you know we felt like misplaced freaks and weirdos and we kind of bonded about that. So working with him has always come natural for me, especially with acting. He’s probably one of the most talented actors of our generation. He has a wealth of depth.”

Along with his depth, Columbus Short may very well have a mean backhand, because his their marriage still went up in flames. Now, Karrine Steffans has publicized what Columbus may have wanted to keep as a dirty little secret. The problem is that with Karrine, dirty little secrets turn into best sellers.

Karrine Steffan’s response to her fan included the #MeetTheShorts as if Karrine was meaning to make their union a hot topic of discussion on social media. Given Karrine Stefans famous past of exploiting rich men for fame and fortune, it’s more likely that her next book will be titled Confessions From The Short Residence. The question is, is she willing to take a black eye for the cause?

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