‘RHOC’ Vicki Gunvalson’s Sweet Revenge — Cancer Scammer Brooks Ayers Ordered To Pay Her $132k

Despite her reputation taking a big hit following Brooks Ayers’ cancer scandal, it now appears as though Vicki Gunvalson may have come out on top after all. According to Radar Online, a judge recently ordered Ayers to pay the Real Housewives of Orange County star a large sum of money, on the order of $132k.

The case involving Gunvalson and Ayers began when the former started a business venture with Robert Williamson. The two made plans to start up Gunvalson’s new line of liquor products, named Vicki’s Vodka. Unfortunately, the deal went sour after Williamson thought Gunvalson was intentionally sabotaging the business.

However, things got even more complicated once Ayers arrived on the scene. Apparently, Williamson believes that Gunvalson brought Ayers into the business by selling him a portion of the company. After he purchased the shares, Ayers sold them back to Williamson, who thought he was helping out Ayers with child support and back taxes.

After Williamson purchased the shares, Gunvalson allegedly asked for the company to go back to the original arrangement, with both partners owning equal parts. This prompted Williamson to take Gunvalson and Ayers to court for fraud.

Naturally, Ayers counter-sued Williamson for ruining his reputation and attempting to convince Gunvalson to end their relationship. For their part, both Williamson and his wife, who was also included in the suit, denied all of the allegations.

Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson were on and off for years before she learned the truth. [Image via Bravo]
While the case lagged on for months, a decision was finally made this past June. A judge let Ayers off the hook because Williams was unable to prove that Ayers had done anything wrong. However, Gunvalson was not so lucky, as the case against her was not included in the ruling.

With Ayers free from the case, the former reality star requested that Williamson pay off his court debt. The judge agreed, only with a slight and unexpected twist. Instead of having Williamson pay Ayers directly, the money would be issued to Gunvalson. The amount included in the settlement was $132,000.

The settlement follows what has been a rocky year for Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson. The two were embroiled in controversy throughout that last season of the RHOC after allegations surfaced that Ayers was lying about having cancer.

Despite ending things with Ayers at the end of the season, Gunvalson faced criticism for sticking by Ayers throughout the ordeal. While Gunvalson has yet to fully separate herself from the scandal, the latest court ruling should offer her some sense of revenge for what Ayers has put her through — not to mention the added cash in her pocket.

Meanwhile, apart from her legal problems, it still isn’t clear if Gunvalson will return to the hit reality series. According to Enstarz, Vicki is still on the fence about appearing on the show, especially after all of the drama that unfolded between her and Ayers during the last season.

Vicki defended Brooks to all of her costars before learning he was scamming them all. [Image via Bravo]
“Vicki does not need the stress that this season has added to her life,” an inside source revealed back in September. “Vicki has not decided yet if she wants to return to the show next season. You know, she does not need the money. [She] makes millions on her own.”

The source went on to reveal that Gunvalson was taking her time and would not be making a decision until the current season had concluded. Even though that time has come and past, Gunvalson has yet to make an official announcement regarding her contract with the hit franchise.

While production for the next season of the Real Housewives of Orange County has yet to kick off, fans should expect the network to release more news in the coming months.

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[Image via Bravo]