‘Duck Dynasty’ Phil Robertson Endorses Ted Cruz [Watch]

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson endorsed Ted Cruz for president of the United States. A day before the first Republican presidential debate of 2016, Robertson announced he feels Cruz is the candidate best qualified to move into the White House and lead the nation.

“Ted Cruz is my man, I’m voting for him,” Phil Robertson said when endorsing Ted Cruz.

Earlier this week, Phil Robertson and Ted Cruz went duck hunting together, Fox News reports. While waiting for their prey to make an appearance, the men discussed the future of America and how the man leading the polls in Iowa would steer the country forward towards prosperity and increase national security along the way.

“My qualifications for president of the United States are rather narrow: Is he or she Godly, does he or she love us, can he or she do the job, and finally would they kill a duck and put him in a pot and make him a good duck gumbo?” Phil Robertson added. “Cruz fits the bill.”

Over the past weekend, Ted Cruz traveled to the small town of West Monroe, Louisiana, where the Duck Dynasty clan lives, to have dinner. Don’t let the down home charm and camo T-shirts fool you — Robertson is a well-educated man who has been helping run the hugely successful family business for years. The man famous for saying, “happy, happy, happy” holds a master’s degree in education.

Cruz had dinner with the Robertson family Sunday night at their home in West Monroe, Louisiana.

Ted Cruz appeared overjoyed to garner the endorsement of the Duck Dynasty star.

“I am thrilled to have Phil’s support for our campaign. The Robertson’s are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values. Phil’s story of starting off with something small and working hard to achieve the American dream is inspiring. Much like my parents, and many other Americans, who started a small business and worked hard to provide for our family.”

The presidential endorsement by the Duck Dynasty star is not the first time the Washington outsider candidate and Roberston have been linked in the headlines. After Phil uttered some controversial comments during a GQ article about homosexuals in 2013, Ted Cruz addressed the backlash the reality show favorite was enduring.

On his Facebook page, the Republican stated simply that “free speech matters” when wading into the then-nationwide debate about Phil Robertson’s comments.

“The reason that so many Americans love Duck Dynasty is because it represents the America usually ignored or mocked by liberal elites: a family that loves and cares for each other, believes in God, and speaks openly about their faith,” Cruz added.

After Phil Robertson endorsed Ted Cruz, the Duck Dynasty star and the Tea Party favorite made a campaign video to announce the news to the American voter, CNN notes. In the video, Robertson says that “all of us,” meaning the entire reality show family, will be casting a ballot for Cruz.

Ted Cruz may have been born in Calgary, Canada, to an American mother, but he grew up in Houston, Texas, Biography notes. His father, Rafael Cruz, emigrated to the United States from Cuba during the 1950s. His mother, Eleanor Cruz, met her husband while she was a student at Rice University. Although the couple separated for a while, Rafael returned to the family after finding God and developing a deeper interest in religion. Cruz was the valedictorian of his class at the Second Baptist High School in Houston. He earned a bachelor’s degree at Princeton and then went on to graduate from Harvard Law School.

What do you think about Phil Robertson’s Ted Cruz endorsement? Have you decided which candidate will earn your vote in 2016?

[Photo by Bill Haber/AP]