Camille Cosby Will Have To Be Deposed Next Month

Camille Cosby, wife of Bill Cosby got a delay from being deposed, but time is running out, and the deposition is now scheduled for the end of February. Seven women are saying that Bill Cosby assaulted them, and that in response to their complaints, he defamed their characters. Bill Cosby has been dodging these accusations for much of his career, and Camille Cosby has been doing anything she could not to be deposed and forced to answer questions about her husband’s infidelities.

According to The Inquisitr, Camille Cosby was able to postpone her deposition last week in the hopes that the judge would decide that it’s not necessary for her to testify. Camille Cosby says that she is humiliated enough, and she wants nothing more to do with they whole situation. Her lawyer also tried arguing spousal privilege.

St. Louis Today revealed that Judge David Hennessy has officially rejected Camille Cosby’s bid to dismiss the subpoena. Joseph Cammarata, who is representing the women who say Cosby attacked them, is happy with the decision and wants to depose Camille Cosby as soon as possible.

“It was a compromise, and I think it was fair,” Cammarata said after the hearing. “This is an appropriate order protecting what may be legitimate concerns for confidentiality on a question-by-question basis. It’s not a unilateral blanket protection. It’s very limited in scope.”

The women insist that Bill Cosby drugged and sexually attacked them against their will.

ABC News is revealing that Camille Cosby will be deposed next month, despite her lawyer’s attempt to have the deposition disallowed. A court representative commented that, though Camille Cosby’s lawyer argued spousal privilege, the judge denied it.

“Bill Cosby was charged Dec. 30 with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman inside his home near Philadelphia in 2004. It’s the first criminal case brought against him. The seven women suing Cosby for defamation are among about 50 across the country who have come forward with allegations that Cosby plied them with drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them. He denies the accusations.”

The attorney’s are arguing back and forth about what information can come in, and what can’t. Cosby’s lawyers want information down to the plaintiff’s social security numbers included, while the plaintiff’s attorneys want access to Bill Cosby’s personal medical records.

Perez Hilton confirmed that February 22nd will be the day that Camille Cosby is deposed by the plaintiff’s lawyers, who want to know what she knows about her husband’s habits socially with women over the course of his career. The deposition was delayed for Cosby’s lawyer to bolster his argument for the Massachusetts court, but the information gathered did not satisfy the judge.

“Essentially, the alleged victims want a judge to force Camille to answer questions about the actor’s non-martial sexual partners and the dates of those encounters since 1968. The group believes Mrs. Cosby has vital information to their cases,” says Hilton.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs is sure that Camille Cosby has information that will be valuable to their case. Now that Camille Cosby will be deposed in February, Bill Cosby’s deposition has been moved to the following month. Camille Cosby has served as Bill Cosby’s manager over the course of his career, so lawyers are arguing that Camille will have a unique perspective.

Do you think Camille Cosby will actually answer questions about her husband and other women?

[Photo courtesy of Bryan Bedd/Getty Images]