Phil Robertson Makes Ted Cruz Happy, Happy, Happy With His Endorsement, ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Picks ‘Godly’ Man Who Hunts Ducks

The Duck Dynasty family has named their man. Patriarch Phil Robertson has officially announced who he is voting for in the 2016 Presidential election and there is a video to prove it. Texas Senator Ted Cruz will have the reality star’s vote, and apparently the rest of the Robertson family as well.

This endorsement was first reported by Fox News and is making its rounds on social media and beyond. The video has Phil decked out in his usual camouflage gear complete with black smeared all over his face speaking on his own personal qualifications that he is looking for in a president. He admits that what he is looking for in the next commander-in-chief can be very narrow. Here are the questions that he asked before he made his final choice.

“Is he or she godly? Does he or she love us? Can he or she do the job? And finally, will they kill a duck and put ’em on a pot and make ’em a good duck gumbo?”


After looking over the Republican candidates that are vying for the presidency, Robertson said that he finally picked one that he believes in. Ted Cruz is then seen sitting out in the wild hunting ducks with Phil Robertson. The senator has a gun in hand and in the same get-up as the Duck Dynasty star.

Phil continues in the video saying that Cruz is indeed godly and he “loves us.” Oh, and most importantly, he has no problem at all going duck hunting. Robertson makes no bones on who he is endorsing.

“Ted Cruz is my man. I’m voting for him.”

It is not for sure if the whole family is also endorsing Cruz, but Phil does say in the video that he has their vote, and then he says, “all of us.” That could very well mean the whole Robertson clan is in agreement.

Cruz is happy, happy, happy to have the full support of Phil Robertson. The two families share the same conservative values that most Christians are also looking for in their next president. The senator made this statement regarding his new supporter.

“I am thrilled to have Phil’s support for our campaign. The Robertson’s are a strong family of great Christian faith and conservative values.”

Apparently, Ted Cruz was invited to the Robertson family home in Louisiana on Sunday and spent time with them, which seemed to seal the deal. He is currently leading the Republican pack in the Iowa polls, according to the Des Moines Register. However, Donald Trump is right behind him and may be closing in on his lead. This endorsement by the Duck Dynasty clan may see be what Cruz needs to help his Republican campaign.

Ted Cruz gets stamp of approval. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Phil has been quite outspoken on how he feels about “wordly” views. He was temporarily ousted two years ago from the filming of the reality show after he boldly spoke out against homosexuality. The backlash was fierce, but Robertson stood his ground and was later let back on to continue with the show.

This endorsement comes on the same day that that the ninth season of Duck Dynasty makes its premiere on A&E. With the wedding of Phil Robertson’s grandson, John Luke, on the season finale last year, this new season is expected to be full of more fun family times, lots of cooking, and of course, plenty of duck hunting. From the previews that had been posted by A&E, there are also some sports activities that may be a bone breaker for Willie and the rest of the family.

Willie and Korie just recently announced that a new addition is being added to their reality TV family. They are in the process of adopting a 13-year-old boy who looks like that he will fit right in with the Robertson family. He may just pop in one of the episodes of Season 9.

There is also supposed to be a special announcement from Jep and Jessica Robertson during Wednesday night’s season premiere. What could it be?

Are you surprised by this endorsement by Phil Robertson?

[Photo by YouTube screen cap/Ted Cruz]