‘Marvel Heroes’ Playable Characters For 2016 Unveiled, Includes Nick Fury, Ultron

Continuing with the pre-order option for upcoming heroes, Gazillion Entertainment announced the 2016 lineup of playable heroes today for Marvel Heroes. Players can now pre-order the entire roster of upcoming heroes for a discounted price thanks to Advance Pack 3, a bundle purchase available directly from the developer.

In 2016, Marvel Heroes will see the release of the following playable characters: Angela, Black Bolt, Elektra, Green Goblin, Nick Fury, and Ultron are confirmed at this time, with one hero yet to be announced. Players can wait for each hero to release throughout the year and purchase them with real money or Eternity Splinters, a currency dropped regularly within Marvel Heroes. Alternatively, players can opt to purchase Advance Pack 3, guaranteeing automatic delivery of each hero as they are released a reduced price.

Marvel Heroes
The contents of the Deluxe Edition of Advance Pack 3 [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

There are two versions of Advance Pack 3 to consider. Both editions contain the seven playable heroes coming to Marvel Heroes, each of their hero-specific bank tabs and a number of Cosmic Penta Rush Boosts. The Standard Edition includes the previously listed at a $59.99 price. The Deluxe Edition contains more, though, and its price reflects that at $79.99. The previously mentioned items are in the Deluxe Edition in addition to one additional costume for each of the seven heroes, early access to the Iron Spider Enhanced Costume, four team-up characters, and more boosts.

Unlike the previous Advance Packs, however, there are fewer heroes this time around. Not to mention, several team-up characters are also part of the pack. The cost of Advance Pack 3 is much cheaper than the previous packs, though. A Gazillion developer chimed in on this year’s number of heroes in an official forum post. Basically, the monthly release of new heroes was taking precedence over everything else. By releasing fewer heroes, developers of Marvel Heroes will be able to work harder on other areas of the game.

Two of the four upcoming team-ups are currently announced while two remain mystery team-ups to be revealed at a later date. The Deluxe Edition of Advance Pack 3 includes all four, but the Standard Edition contains no team-ups. The two known team-ups coming to Marvel Heroes are Ms. Marvel, Kamala Kahn, and Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Team-ups release on their own schedule separate from playable heroes, and there are still team-ups yet to be released from the last Advance Pack. Team-up characters in Marvel Heroes are non-playable companions who can aid the player in several ways. The team-up can be set to be always present with the hero, it can be called in for a limited assist, or it can provide passive bonuses.

Marvel Heroes players interested in purchasing either Advance Pack 3 should check out the official FAQ on the bundles. Order of playable hero release and the time of their arrival dates are not set in stone. However, the official site notes that most of the heroes should release in 2016 with “one or two” possibly slipping into 2017. The FAQ contains details about what the Cosmic Penta Rush Boost does, how the heroes are delivered, and how long the early access to the Iron Spider Enhanced Costume will last. Like other early access periods to costumes, players will receive the costume at least one month before it is released in the store.

Marvel Heroes
An example of the upcoming visual update [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

The previous set of heroes is about to wrap up this month with the release of the last Advance Pack 2 hero. Black Cat is expected to release this month alongside the Marvel Heroes 2016 rebranding. The year holds many new additions for the game, including controller support, Chapter 10 featuring the Skrull, upgraded visuals for early heroes, the Thanos raid, and much more. As the Inquisitr reported, Marvel Heroes 2016 will also introduce leaderboards, Steam achievements, and even more “All New, All Different” costumes and characters. Some of those features are expected to release this month with others peppered throughout the year.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]