Lucy Hale: The New Boyfriend

Lucy Hale & Anthony Kalabretta: How Did The Lovers Find Each Other?

Lucy Hale was very happy at the award dinner in November. (photo by JMA/STAR MAX/IPx/ AP Images)

Lucy Hale met her boyfriend, Anthony Kalabretta, through mutual friends just a few short months ago. They were first seen together at a Dodgers game in June of last year. According to Bustle, the two share a passion for music, and Lucy also has been said to love musicians. Kalabretta certainly seems to fit the bill! The two spent a romantic vacation together in Hawaii along with a few of Hale’s friends and the couple seemed to be very open about public displays of affection throughout the trip as they enjoyed the sun and the sand together on the beach. The mutual friends that brought them together say Lucy Hale and Kalabretta bonded over various things and that both love to have fun.

The Couple Is No Longer A Rumor

Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta have been seen together for almost a year now and the two are beginning to show more and more that they are serious about each other. They have splashed pictures of themselves together all over social media. Lucy has not only posted pictures, but also added sweet affectionate captions to the pictures, including “My Heart.” Hale wrote this caption for a picture of the couple sharing a heartfelt hug in the middle of the city. There have been many pictures of them together on social media, but this one seems to be grabbing all the attention with Lucy seeming to be over the moon! Lucy Hale has shown how much she cares about Anthony Kalabretta, and we look forward to seeing more of the two as the new year (and the new relationship!) progresses.

But Will Lucy’s Past Love Life Repeat Itself?

Hopefully, this relationship will fare better than those in Lucy’s past. Historically, Hale’s previous relationships have averaged a little less than a year. While her longest relationship was for two years with David Henrie, a Disney child star (the two were together from 2007 to 2009 and separated right before Pretty Little Liars aired), most of Lucy’s past relationships have only lasted a few months.

Although we would hate to see it, if history plays out here too, we may be seeing the end coming up, given that we’ve been seeing this pair together for several months already. While Lucy Hale is happy with Anthony Kalabretta now, you never know where the future will lead. Just like the P.L.L. ending (which the fans never saw coming), relationships are often faced with multitudes of complications. Lucy has a lot of life yet to live and while it would be great if the two to stayed together forever (who doesn’t love a great storybook romance, right?), the reality is that they have really just started out and there are always obstacles cropping up in all our lives. They could end up having a big falling out over something stupid, or they could just grow in different directions. Even their careers could take them away from each other. Who knows?

So Is Kalabretta The One?

Lucy Hale enjoyed herself at the Paley Fest in October, but there was no sign of Kalabretta. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Now that 26-year-old Lucy says she knows who she is and what she wants, maybe she has finally found “the one.” While the length of her past relationships may have disappointed her at the time, it did make her available to meet Kalabretta at what appears to be just the right time. It would be a disappointment for all the Pretty Little Liars fans if the two were to split – especially given how happy they currently seem to be! Hale seems to be deeply in love with Kalabretta and, given how cute Lucy Hale and Anthony Kalabretta are together, it is a sure hope that the two are able to stick together for their very own happily ever after!

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/invision/AP Images]