‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Sabrina Choose To Run Off With Carlos?

On Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, Sabrina Santiago sat down with Anna Devane to have a chat. The expectant mom just had an encounter with former boyfriend Michael Corinthos, and she was just a bit emotional about it. Little did she know that the former police commissioner was fishing for some information about Carlos Rivera's whereabouts, and Sabrina seemed to play right into her hands.

Sabrina ended up spilling to Anna that Carlos is actually her baby's daddy, not Michael. That conversation led to talking about his death, which seemed to rattle Sabrina. Of course, Anna picked up on that, which led her to believe that Carlos is still alive and in contact with Sabrina. She then went to Jordan to see if they could tap Sabrina's phone in an effort to lead them to the fugitive.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Wednesday's episode will have Sabrina having to make a decision on whether she should run away with Carlos. She has been in contact with her baby's daddy for a while now, and he just won't leave town ever since he found out that he is going to be a father. Sabrina has also just gotten out of the hospital after having a scare, so all of this stress can't be good for her.

Sabrina will find out that Carlos is still in Port Charles and wants to meet up with her on the docks. As seen on Tuesday's episode of General Hospital, she is also anxious to talk to him about something, as well.

It is obvious that she still loves Michael and wants to raise this baby with him, and at this point she doesn't know that Michael may have a change of heart. She could have decided that she wants to tell Carlos once and for all to not get her involved in his criminal life and to leave her and the baby out of it.

However, General Hospital previews for this week shows Carlos asking Sabrina to go away with him. He makes no bones about wanting to spend the rest of his life with her and his child. If she does make the choice to go off with him, she would also become a fugitive. Would Sabrina really choose that kind of life for her and her baby?

As for Michael, he runs off to find Sabrina. Unfortunately, she is already gone, but she has left a letter for Michael. This can't be good. Maybe she has decided to go off on her own without either man in her life to have her baby in Puerto Rico with her family near her.

After Anna lets Jordan in on the fact that Paul Hornsby is the one who faked Carlos' death, the women will go off to find Carlos. Will they be too late, or will Anna shoot Carlos for real this time?

Sabrina has a decision to make regarding her and her baby's future. Actress Teresa Castillo is also pregnant and is due soon, so she will be heading off screen for a while on maternity leave. This means that her character will also be gone for a bit. She could run off with Carlos, but then later has a change of heart and come back with her baby in her arms. Or there could be another crazy scenario involving her, as well.

Teresa Castillo is expecting her second child. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for A Pea In The Pod)
Teresa Castillo pregnant with her first child, now expecting her second. [Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for A Pea In The Pod]According to an extended preview for this week that General Hospital has posted, there is supposed to be a fire that breaks out on the docks or somewhere near there. It says that someone will get burned. Does this mean that it could involve Carlos and Sabrina? Carlos Rivera could possibly die in this fire. Or maybe Sabrina and the baby's life are in danger in this blaze. One unexpected twist would be that everyone in Port Charles thinks that Sabrina dies in the fire, and maybe even Carlos as well. This would give them the opportunity to run off together and no one would ever know. This would definitely be heartbreaking for Michael.

Of course, this is just one scenario that could happen. Many people have "come back from the dead" on General Hospital.

Do you think Sabrina will choose to run off with Carlos, or did that note to Michael indicate that she is planning on leaving Port Charles alone to have her baby? Who do you think will get burned in the fire?

Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers.

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