Buy Powerball Online: 3 Official Lottery Websites To Buy Powerball Tickets On The Web Via Apps

Now that the Powerball jackpot has grown to an estimated $1.5 billion, Powerball players have all sorts of questions about how to buy Powerball tickets. Whether or not Powerball tickets can be bought with debit and credit cards is a common question, as reported by The Inquisitr. An actual purchase of Powerball tickets at various convenience stores and gas stations proves that some retailers allow customers to buy Powerball tickets with debit and credit cards, whilst other stores only let consumers buy Powerball tickets with cash. But what about buying Powerball tickets on the web? Interestingly, the official Powerball LotteryHUB app doesn’t allow Powerball players to buy Powerball tickets online.

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With so many places shouting “buy Powerball tickets online” that aren’t official Powerball websites, how is a Powerball buyer certain that they can buy Powerball tickets online that are valid? Well, as reported by Heavy, there are only three official places to buy Powerball tickets online, as of this writing.

One of those places to buy Powerball tickets online is via the Georgia Lottery app, which only lets Georgia residents buy Powerball tickets online via their web app.

“Easily purchase your KENO!, Mega Millions, Powerball, Fantasy 5 and Diggi Games tickets from the convenience of your personal computer. Your prizes (up to $5,000) will be automatically deposited to your iHOPEcard account. We’ll email you right after the drawing if you’ve won. By agreeing to play, I further swear that I am physically located in the state of Georgia.”

Another place to buy a Powerball ticket online via an official lottery app is through the Illinois Lottery’s app — but once again, only for Illinois residents.

Is Powerball Available For Purchase On The Illinois Lottery Mobile App?

Yes, you can purchase up to 25 draws on the Illinois Lottery mobile app, as well as check winning numbers and find Lottery retailers.

Can I Play Powerball On The Internet?

Yes, Powerball can be played either at your local Illinois Lottery retailer or online.

How To Play Online: Powerball is a fun and easy game to play! To play Powerball online, follow these easy steps and you are on your way!

Step 1:

CHOOSE how many tickets (1-10) you want to buy.

Step 2:

PICK your own numbers or choose Quick Pick.

Step 3:

ADD Power Play for $1 to multiply your non-jackpot winnings!

Step 4:

EXTEND your play by choosing how many drawings you wish to play or by signing up for a subscription.

Step 5:

SELECT “Add to Cart”.

Their “How to Play Powerball Online” instructions are only for those folks who are Illinois residents and physically located within Illinois.

Another place to buy Powerball tickets online is via the Michigan Lottery’s official page, which still lists “coming soon” as of this writing. However, as reported in the article titled “Why You Can’t Buy A $1.5 Billion Powerball Ticket Online” by Forbes‎, when January 28 rolls around, Michigan residents will be able to buy Powerball tickets online. The Michigan Lottery already has 225,000 people registered to play their games online — the bulk of those people likely chomping at the bit to buy Powerball tickets online.

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The reluctance to allow people to buy Powerball tickets online is due to lottery officials not wanting people with gambling addictions to be able to buy too many Powerball tickets online. As such, online spending limits can be seen via the apps that allow players to buy Powerball tickets online. Also, lottery officials don’t want children under 18 years of age to buy Powerball tickets online. There are also security issues involved with buying Powerball tickets online, as officials want to make sure no hacker tries to game the systems that allow for the purchase of Powerball tickets on the web.

All these factors mean that some states are slowly rolling out the ability to buy Powerball tickets online to their residents, while others — like Minnesota — have pulled away from the purchase of online lottery tickets. Certain states, like New York, allow their residents to have online subscriptions to lottery games, but don’t allow the purchase of Powerball jackpot tickets online. As more interest in the Powerball grows, along with the Powerball jackpots, more states will likely allow Powerball players to buy their Powerball tickets online.

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