Why Harry Styles Is The Hardest One Direction Member To Love

Harry Styles is super-nice, super-talented, politically progressive, and easy on the eye. And yet, Sugarscape has called it — crushing on Harry Styles is hard work.

As the One Direction hiatus draws on, fans are drawing sustenance from old YouTube interviews, update accounts, and the occasional 1D-related Twitter trend. Just two weeks into 2016, the mighty One Direction fan base has given us Twitter trends like #LouisBeHappy, #WeAreAllHarry, and#59MinutesForZayn.

Some fans have also fallen back on fanfiction, and others are pestering One Direction HQ with incessant messages, according to Sugarscape. The angst got worse when it emerged that the One Direction hiatus has actually not even officially started yet — it will officially begin in March.

The 18-month One Direction drought will be especially difficult for Harry Styles lovers eager to see a selfie, a portrait of the hottie on Instagram, or even some inspirational text overlaid on a scenic background that would give an insight into Harry’s inner world.

The elusive and artistic Harry Styles almost never posts anything like that. The hunk’s Instagram feed is full of artsy black-and-white shots, things like raindrops on a car window or a pair of almonds with the caption “brothers.”

“[T]here are certain things he does that actually inflict emotional pain on us. Let’s take a look at why Harry girls suffer more than they truly deserve.”

One Direction fans are famous for their sleuth-like ability to discern details about the boy’s inner lives and their habit of reading secret meanings into mundane details. But it would take a creative and lateral-thinking mind indeed — or possibly a lot of hallucinogens — for anyone to gauge anything about the mysterious Harry from his hipster-y Instagram page.

According to Sugarscape, “Hell will actually freeze over before he posts a selfie. Unless you’re attracted to empty egg boxes and raindrops trickling down a window pane, his Insta feed has nothing for you.”

Other ways that the loveable Harry Styles seems determined to make life hard for fangirls, according to the humorous One Direction report, include never being in his birth country (Britain), having a name that now functions as an emotional trigger, raising the standards of swooning women worldwide to the point that they will never find a man, the traumatizing prospect of a new Harry Styles “Winter Girlfriend” every year, and the long-haired heartthrob’s silence on Twitter — Harry almost never indulges his fans with a follow-spree or takes the time to reply to and like posts late into the night (this is in contrast to Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan, who occasionally do these things).

In other Harry Styles news, it has emerged that the hard-bodied Homes Chapel native has an unexpected fan in the world of politics: Bernie Sanders.

Presidential hopeful Sanders was asked during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres who his favorite member of One Direction is.

“Harry!” announced the Vermont senator.

This is not surprising, given that Bernie Sanders and Harry Styles appear to share many of the same political positions. Both are supporters of feminism and gay rights and hold progressive views on many topics.

Harry Styles proved he is politically aware just this hour when he posted a message about the ISIS terrorist attack in Turkey, as reported by BBC News.

The sensitive crooner sent his love, adding that he was sad to hear the terrible news. It is likely that Harry woke up to the news of the devastating attack — Harry is in London and was photographed shopping yesterday with a mystery blonde.

It’s clear that the One Direction star will always share his thoughts on social media about the issues he feels are important.

Is Harry Styles loveable?

[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]