‘Say No’ Petition Begs God To Bring David Bowie Back From The Dead

One petition is calling on God to bring back David Bowie from the dead, while another calls for a Berlin street to be renamed in his honor.

Unable to accept the loss of the iconic musician, an ambitious Italian is petitioning none other than God to bring David Bowie back from the dead. So far, almost 4,300 of the requested 5,000 signatures have been received on the Change.org web page from fans all over the world.

The news of David Bowie’s cancer was a close-kept secret known only to family and closest friends, so it came as a total shock to his fans when the announcement was made on Monday that the popular singer had passed away.

Bowie died shortly after his 69th birthday and the release of his last album, Blackstar, after battling liver cancer for 18 months.

Tributes have been flooding the media and social media from those who mourn Bowie’s passing, and many groups have set up shrines to the musician all over the world, with fans leaving flowers and other items to show their pain at his death.

Tribute to David Bowie in London, UK
[London tribute to David Bowie - Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]

However, as reported by the Mirror, one Italian David Bowie fan has taken things a step further. Andrea Natella decided to petition none other than God himself in an effort to have the iconic music star brought back from the dead.

Natella started the “Say No To David Bowie Dead” petition on Change.org shortly after the story of Bowie’s death hit the media. While there is little information posted on the web page, a photo of the late singer in his Ziggy Stardust persona is posted on the page along with a caption reading “David Bowie cannot be dead!” The petition itself is addressed to “God or whom it may concern.”

People from all over the world have signed the petition, with 4,282 signatures received at the time of writing, including fans from London, Poland, Italy, and Abu Dhabi.

While the petition is attempting to persuade God to bring Bowie back from the dead, it has become more of a venue for fans to air their memories of the singer and vent their grief. Many wrote their reasons for supporting the petition and to express their sadness over his passing.

Many fans took to Twitter to make comments about the petition, with some saying it is a “pretty ambitious petition” and others saying it is the “most important petition you will sign today,” using the hashtag #RIPDavidBowie.

Others simply tweeted “Just say no.”

One fan named Marietta wrote on the petition page, “David Bowie is a crucial elemental component of life on earth. Humankind cannot endure without Bowie.”

Karin Requena, another fan from Venezuela, even offered a year of her own life if God will please bring Bowie back from the dead.

“God, I humbly offer a year of my life so you can give it to David Bowie so he can come back, ridden of illnesses and pains. I’m sure many others would gladly spare some time of their own lives to allow him to continue with his art. He inspires too many people, he’s a light, a beacon. Just think about it, would you.”

Meanwhile, in Germany, another petition has been launched on Change.org, but this one is to request a street to be named after Bowie in Berlin, Germany’s capital. That petition currently has 2,840 signatures at the time of writing and also sports an image of David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.

Reportedly, David Bowie lived in the Schöneberg area of Berlin back in the 1970s. After the news of his passing hit the world, fans laid flowers at Hauptstrasse 155, Bowie’s address during his stay in the country and where he lived with the American musician Iggy Pop.

The petition aims to rename the street, saying “There are many ‘Hauptstrassen’ [main or high streets] in Berlin, but still no David Bowie Strasse.”

According to Deutsche Welle, the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district councilor, Daniel Kruger, said Tuesday that the idea of renaming Hauptstrasse “wasn’t out of the question.” However, there is a legal problem, as a street reportedly cannot be renamed until five years after a person’s death. Kruger did say, however, that adding a plaque at Bowie’s former home was definitely an option.

It was reportedly soon after moving to West Berlin back in 1976 that Bowie released his albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger. The three albums then became known as the “Berlin Trilogy.” David Bowie is felt to have been involved in some way in the bringing down of the Berlin Wall.

The German Foreign Ministry responded after hearing about Bowie’s death on Monday, saying “Good-bye David Bowie. You are now among Heroes. Thank you for helping to bring down the wall,” along with a YouTube video of Bowie singing the song “Heroes.”

Reportedly, Bowie spotted a couple embracing close to the border between East and West Germany and this inspired the lyrics of the 1977 hit.

“I can remember, standing by the wall, and the guns shot above our heads, and we kissed, as though nothing could fall.”

[Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]