Casey Anthony Thought Her Father Was Caylee’s Father

Jose Baez, lawyer for acquitted murder suspect Casey Anthony, has written a tell all book about his time with Casey and the case that he won. In it he makes some startling revelations. One of them was that Casey Anthony suspected that her dad was the father of her dead daughter Caylee. Baez argued in court that Casey’s father sexually abused her.

Baez said that he wondered in the father had actually killed Caylee to hide evidence of the abuse.

Baez’s book, “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”, is the most in depth picture of the case form the only person this close to it other than Casey herself.

Baez first made the allegation that George Anthony had abused Casey during his opening statement of the trial where Case was charged with murder.

Baez had said,

“It all began when Casey was eight years old and her father came into her room and began to touch her inappropriately and it escalated … She could be 14 years old….and go to school and play with the other kids as if nothing [had] happened,”

George Anthony vehemently denied the accusations against him. DNA testing ruled out Casey’s father and brother as being Caylee’s father.

Baez’s theory as to what had happened to Caylee was that her death was accidental and that Casey may have stupidly concealed the body and lying about it. He said Casey was afraid of being accused of something wrong.

Baez said in open court.

“Caylee Anthony died on June 16, 2008, when she drowned in her family’s swimming pool,”