Ciara Meyer: 12-Year-Old Girl Killed By Constable Serving Eviction Order On Family’s Home

A 12-year-old little girl, Ciara Meyer, was killed after an eviction in Pennsylvania went terribly wrong. Ciara was in her family home in Penn Township with her father, 57-year-old Donald Meyer, when a constable came to the door to serve an eviction notice. The father and constable allegedly got into a heated exchange and the constable fired a single shot at Donald, according to the Daily Mail. The bullet then went through the man’s upper left arm, hitting the young girl behind him. Ciara Meyer was declared dead at the scene from the single shot fired from the Pennsylvania State Constable Clark Steele’s weapon.

Ciara Meyer killed during eviction
Ciara Meyer, 12, was killed during an eviction gone terribly wrong. (Image via Facebook)

The Daily Mail reports that when the constable arrived at family’s door, Donald allegedly opened the door before shutting it again. Returning to the door the second time, the pair allegedly got into a verbal argument and the father pointed a rifle at the constable, police said. With the rifle allegedly pointed at his chest, the constable discharged his firearm, according to authorities.

According to ABC 27, employees from the apartment complex where the eviction was supposed to take place were on the scene with the constable serving the notice. The employees witnessed the exchange and are providing their recounts of exactly what happened leading up to the death of 12-year-old Ciara. Donald was reportedly taken to Penn State Hershey Medical Center for his wound and is now being charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment. Police note that the rifle that Donald Meyer pointed at the constable had a round in the chamber and a magazine with 30 rounds.

Ciara Meyer killed during eviction
Friends and family post their condolences to Ciara's mother on Facebook. (Image via Facebook)

Ciara’s family claim that the girl was supposed to be at school on Monday when the shooting took place; however, she was home ill that day. Her family says that she attended Susquenita Middle School and the school says they have grief counselors to provide support to students and faculty affected by the young girl’s death. Additionally, a spokesperson with the Commonwealth Constables Association says that Constable Clark Steele has voluntarily suspended his work with the state until the investigation is complete.

Meanwhile, Steele’s family members say he is “distraught” over the girl’s death and that he was a respected constable in Dauphin and Perry counties prior to this incident. Ciara’s family has not spoken specifically about Constable Clark Steele’s involvement in the death; however, they have setup a GoFundMe account, noting that donations will go to Ciara’s funeral and also to setup a fund against domestic violence.

“Ciara was a loving vibrant 12 year old who’s life was cut short far too early. She was in her home when a single gunshot ended her life. This was a terrible ending to a horrific series of events that could have been prevented. Her family and friends will miss her. This campaign is to help her mother lay CC to rest, and to fund a scholarship in the Susquenetia School District against Domestic Violence and Mental Illness.”

Do you think that Constable Clark Steele should be disciplined for the shooting, or did he act to the best of his ability considering Donald Meyer allegedly had his rifle pointed at his chest?

[Image via GoFundMe]