Dog The Bounty Hunter Canceled: Beth, Duane Chapman Retire Show To Save Cash Bail Bonds Industry

The TV show featuring Dog the Bounty Hunter is now canceled. Beth and Duane Chapman had Dog and Beth canceled not because of reduced popularity, but because they feel there is a greater need than running down fugitives from the law. The couple says the cash bail bonds industry is under attack, which in part means the entire bounty hunter industry is under attack in the United States. As a solution, Beth announced her candidacy for the presidency of the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS).

“Our industry is under attack,” Beth explained. “There are bail reform movements springing up across the country that would end the cash bail systems. This would be a disaster.”


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Speaking to InTouch Weekly, Beth Chapman said she will now be on the hunt for finding any way from preventing the bail reform movement from implementing new laws where the cash bail bonds system is tossed out. For example, California’s bail bonds system was recently declared unconstitutional, yet the PBUS has not challenged the legal system in the courts.

“I worked with the California Bail Agents Association to get them on as interveners in the case so that the industry can mount a significant challenge to this incredibly disastrous suit,” says Beth. “The bail industry provides a service to the government and helps ensure the public’s safety. Removing the bail system would have a deleterious effect on the criminal justice system. It is imperative that our association, under strong leadership, fight every attempt by these social justice lackeys to remove cash bail when their only goal is to make it easier for the bad guys to get out of jail.”

Dog the Bounty Hunter has spent many years working within the current system, but it was seeing the other side of the law which changed him forever. As a teen, young Duane Chapman had multiple run-ins with the police, including being arrested for robbery. But it was the murder of a drug dealer named Jerry Lee Oliver that changed Chapman’s life forever.

While living in Texas, the 23-year-old Dog was waiting in a car outside a house where a friend was buying marijuana. Unfortunately, the friend and the drug dealer starting fighting, with the end result being quite deadly. Although Chapman was not directly involved in the shooting, everyone in the car was found guilty of murder.

“It’s something that follows you the rest of your life, no matter who you become or who you are,” Chapman told the Associated Press. “I’m not proud of it. In Texas in the `70s, if you were present, you were just as guilty. I shouldn’t have went and I shouldn’t have been the person I was back then.”

Young Dog the Bounty Hunter was paroled after two years in prison. After avoiding the five-year full sentence, Duane Chapman reformed his life and vowed to make a living on the right side of the law. On his first day of release from prison, Dog the Bounty Hunter captured his first bail jumper.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sued Lawsuit's Backstory Involves Murder And Politics
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Over the years, Dog has gone on to catch thousands more, and he owns and operates various cash bail bonds companies. Although Duane does not like ending the Dog and Beth: On the Hunt TV show, he believes it is necessary.

“For over 12 years we have shown on TV the importance of the bail industry in assisting the criminal justice system, and I have preached about how important it is that bail agents and bounty hunters conduct themselves properly. We made this incredibly tough decision because we feel that without intervention from all of our associations, we will no longer have an industry in which to work. This is not an end to Dog the Bounty Hunter, but if these lawyers have their way, it will be the end of the bail system in the United States and we cannot sit by and let that happen.”

What do you think about Dog the Bounty Hunter’s decision to end the TV show? Do you think the current cash bail bonds system is good?

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