Pastor Who Allegedly Raped And Impregnated Teen Is Trying To Get Out Of Ecuador, But Not For The Reason You’d Think

Jacob Malone is a former pastor who admitted to continually sexually assaulting a teenage girl as she lived with him and attended his church. Police are searching for Malone after he left the United States for Ecuador, possibly to flee from the law. But now the pastor is reportedly trying to get out of Ecuador and back into the United States? Why? He wants to turn himself in.

According to the Huffington Post, 33-year-old Jacob Malone was officially charged with rape and institutional sexual assault by the West Whiteland Township police in Pennsylvania. The former pastor allegedly met his victim when she was only 12-years-old at a church in Mesa, Arizona. When the girl turned 17, Jacob Malone invited her to live with him and his family in Minnesota. Later, the entire family moved to Exton, Pennsylvania, where Malone allegedly began molesting her on a semi-regular basis starting in the fall of 2014.

According to the Daily Mail, Jacob Malone continued to sexually assault the girl as she attended a local nondenominational church, Calvary Fellowship, at which Malone was the pastor. The situation became progressively worse as the pastor began to give the teen alcohol and molest her while she was drunk. Eventually, this resulted in the girl becoming pregnant, which caused church leaders at Calvary Fellowship to confront Jacob Malone. He admitted to the sexual assault and resigned his leadership position at the church.

Former Pastor "Jake" Malone
Jacob Malone [via Facebook]
When charges were brought against Jacob Malone, the former pastor hired a lawyer and took a flight to Ecuador. His reasons for leaving the United States are still unclear, but many suspect the trip was related to the sexual assault allegations. The Philly Voice reported that police believe Jacob Malone was aware of a warrant for his arrest. However, the shocking story may come to a quick close as recent reports say Jacob Malone is planning to turn himself in “sometime this week.”

Perhaps the former pastor’s conscience got the better of him, because a spokesperson for Jacob Malone told the Huffington Post that he is awaiting a return flight to Pennsylvania to surrender to the authorities. His lawyer, Charles Proctor, refused to comment on the charges.

Report on Jacob Malone
[Photo courtesy of the Whiteland Township Police Department, via Facebook]
After the pregnancy and assault was revealed, the victim temporarily moved in with another church member and was then sent to another state to be with her biological family.

Another pastor at Calvary Fellowship, Bill Bateman, claims that Jacob Malone was also engaged in another inappropriate relationship in a different state. As such, the former pastor is wanted on additional but related charges to the sexual assault that the Whiteland Township police have not revealed.

“Our church’s goal in difficult moments like this is to protect the innocents, first of all,” Bateman said. “And, number two, we strive to bring about repentance and restoration of the offender.”

Jake Malone
Jacob Malone [via Facebook]
According to Philly, the church was surprised to learn of Jacob Malone’s crimes, having ran extensive background checks on the pastor like they do with all employees and vetted him twice. The Calvary Fellowship congregation was only just informed of the situation involving Jacob Malone on Sunday.

“As a church, we’re devastated because of the innocent people that were hurt. We are all sinners. We hurt for the young lady, we hurt for Jake and his family, we hurt for the church body that placed trust in the church leadership.”

Jacob Malone's former church.
Calvary Fellowship Church where Jacob Malone worked as a pastor. [via Google Maps]
If Jacob Malone does turn himself in, how do you think he should be dealt with?

[Photo courtesy of the West Whiteland Township Police Department]

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