Ginger Make-Up Tips From ‘How To Be A Redhead’ And More

Happy Kiss a Ginger Day! Redheads are unique creatures, and that means they require their own make-up shades, skin care, and of course, taming that mane. This generation has taken it to a new level, with cosmetics lines and websites dedicated to the care of the redhead. Sisters Stephanie Vendetti and Adrienne Vendetti Hodges are best friends and natural redheads who want to help you own your flame haired beauty.

According to How to Be a Redhead, the sisters struggled to find products that enhanced their beauty from companies that understood the unique challenges of being a redhead.

“When Stephanie was a teenager, she went blonde to ‘fit in,’ but realized she felt and looked best with natural red locks. As young girls, they both had trouble finding ‘redhead friendly’ products because most items caused their skin to irritate or break out. Many makeup consultants at department stores shied away when they would ask which mascara or blush matched their fair complexion. They took it upon themselves to test and try different types of products and love expressing their fun redhead personalities with fun pops of color in their wardrobe.”

One of the big challenges that all redheads face is all about the brows, according to the Vendetti sisters and Cosmopolitan UK. The issue is a Goldilocks dilemma of this one is too dark, this one is too light, but this one is just right! The Vendetti’s break down some of their favorites that fit the bill.

“Anastasia: The Brow Wiz & The Brow Powder Duo in Auburn is a great choice. Using a comb to brush up your eyebrows, use The Brow Wiz to shape your brow and then, apply The Brow Powder with an angled brush to fill in any gaps,” says Hodges.

And the least expensive but still great choice is available at drugstores everywhere. It is Wet n Wild Color Icon Brow Pencil in Ginger Root.

“It’s about $2, but it’s a must-have,” Vendetti advises.

Both suggest that whatever option you select, you will want to use some clear eyebrow gel to seal your brows for the day. They suggest the budget friendly option, Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara.

Tips from the sisters cover topics that even redheads thought were verboten, like red lipstick in How to Be a Redhead. From birth, redheads have been told to stay away from red. Red clothing, red lipstick, and red accessories. But no more. The sisters advise that it’s all about finding the right red for you to bring that pop of show-stopping color.

“Warm and cool skin tones: Most redheads are cool toned. This means your skin has a ‘blue tone’ to it. For instance, can you easily see your veins? You’re probably cool toned. In this case, look for a wine, plum or blue-red lipstick,” suggests Vendetti. “If you have a more yellow undertone, this is typically those with olive skin, look for corals, red-oranges, or red-browns.”

But what if you are a more neutral-toned redhead?

“If you’re more of a neutral tone, a mix of both (not common, but can happen on occasion), you can almost get away with wearing any of these, but in my opinion a bright cherry red, scarlet or a true red looks fabulous,” says Hodges.

And besides hair, the big issue for redheads is that infamous fair skin, which needs extra protection, according to HTBAR. Blue Lizard’s Sensitive Sunscreen, created in Australia is a big favorite of redheads everywhere (including the author). And since redheads are known to have sensitive skin, California Baby is another broad spectrum favorite of the sisters.

Adrienne and Stephanie have now taken their redhead movement beyond the web and in between the pages of their new book that is the first guide to all things redhead beauty. How To Be a Redhead will be released in April everywhere, and will be the handbook to all things redhead.

What do you think is the biggest beauty challenge for redheads?

[Photo courtesy of Cindy Ord/Getty Images]