Amy Schumer And Boyfriend Ben Hanisch Make First Public Appearance At The Golden Globes

Since Amy Schumer went public with boyfriend Ben Hanisch, it’s been a complete and utter love fest between the two. This past Sunday, the duo made their first public appearance together at the Golden Globes, and Schumer wasn’t holding back about her love for her custom furniture maker beau.

During the awards show, Schumer told People magazine about her new beau, “We’re in love and it’s really exciting. I’ve never been dating anyone that the public’s really known about… but I like that everyone thinks I’ve been single my whole life. They’re like, ‘She got her first boyfriend!’ and I’m like, ‘No, I’ve dated people over the years.'”

My clique

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Although she didn’t walk the red carpet with her boyfriend, Schumer was happy to talk about him to anyone that wanted to, and that included Extra.

“Ben’s great. Ben is, like, hot and when I first saw him I was like ‘Ohhhh.’ […] “He’s like super-sweet, he does not have to be that nice cause he’s hot.”

Even Ryan Seacrest got in on the love fest. The comedian, who was nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy for Trainwreck, told the American Idol host about her new relationship, “I learned that, you know, like my [Trainwreck] character did, I wasn’t in a good enough place mentally to actually be with anyone else [before]. I really wasn’t understanding my own value. But now. I’m in a better place.”

It wasn’t a surprise that Schumer took Ben with her to the Golden Globes as she “dropped hints” leading up to the ceremony that she was taking him. Although Schumer didn’t parade her boyfriend around, they were snapped in a special PDA moment after the ceremony, as the stand-up comedian turned actress took Hanisch to the after parties as her “after date.”

She decided to post the cute moment of her and boyfriend Ben Hanisch to her Instagram. Even though she didn’t get to have an acceptance speech, since she lost out to BFF Jennifer Lawrence, she did take a second to publicly thank her loved ones, and that included boyfriend Hanisch.

Thanks @prabalgurung for my dress and @andrea_tiller for my face and @kimmykuppkakes for my hairdo and @deborahlippmann For my nails and @leesaevansstyle for my styling and @carriebyalick for getting me in that door and Chardonnay for tasting so good and @kimcaramele for being my date and @benhanisch for being my after date and Melvin and Kokomo for driving us and pasta.

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The PDA isn’t over quite yet as Hanisch shared an Instagram photo of his love Amy just days after the ceremony. Documenting their morning beach time, he posted a simple photo of Schumer.

So excited for this talented woman tonight!

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As the Inquisitr reported, this isn’t the only time that Hanisch has expressed his love and affection for his superstar girlfriend. About a week ago, Ben posted his first photo with his new love on his Instagram page, and everyone went nuts.

Sometimes in life you get extremely lucky, and the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman comes along when you least expect it. Here’s to what adventures 2016 brings!

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Schumer followed that up by commenting on a photo of his dog with the caption, “I’m pregnant.”

As for what BFF Jennifer Lawrence thinks of her new man, Schumer told Entertainment Tonight that the actress gave her beau the “full approval.”

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