Ben McKenzie And Producers Are Excited About Gotham's Future

As the final episode of the second season of Gotham airs on February 29, the name at the top of the call list Ben McKenzie, has much to look forward so as news has come out that they've started shooting the third season.

From the beginning, Ben McKenzie has been very vocal about his part on the show, along with providing some hints as to what viewers might expect.

Over the season referred to as Gotham: Rise of The Villains, the show has earned serious praise from critics with its approach to the DC franchise with storytelling for its origins narrative, even in production design, which adds to the show's visual appeal.

[embed][/embed]In a recent interview with the Press Association, The Daily Mail writes about the actor Sean Pertwee who portrays Alfred Pennyworth, the iconic butler from the DC universe, who talks more specifically about what separated the second season from the first one, which debuted in the U.K. this week.

"It's less stand-alone episodically compared to the last season. There are bigger story arcs of four or five episodes so you'll get interaction with a lot of the characters now," he promised. "It feels cinematic, it's got a confident gait now. You won't be disappointed - we're very, very, proud of it."
Despite this new approach with the last season, the actor who portrays commissioner Gordon still feels very much the same about his role now as he did when he started, where he's able to build it up fresh due to how open-ended the process of character development is. He has yet however, to adopt the signature appearance fans of the Batman franchise have come to expect. This was quite apparent recently when Ben McKenzie was asked if he was going to sport a mustache for his character or not.


The International Business Times is one of the few sources reporting that Ben McKenzie feels he would be too young or that the mustache wouldn't look good on a guy his age.

He's 37.

In November 2014 Ben McKenzie tweeted his Halloween costume, asking people to guess who he was dressed as, which provided fans with help in seeing him in the role.


While the original link for the image was deleted, other tweets preserved the snapshot.


And the outlook from the show's creators remains positive along with both high ratings and anticipation for one of television's most watched prime time shows.

The actors and entire creative team has openly expressed from the beginning their freedom to take these popular characters into various directions, even to the point of killing off some central ones in order to leave some lingering questions for viewers, characters who even Ben McKenzie recently hinted at as returning during a Gotham panel appearance in front of an audience at Wizard World New Orleans.

Some of the show's producers have been proactive with promotion too, such as with a tweet of an image on set with Paul Reubens a.k.a. Pee Wee Herman, who will be taking the role of Oswald Cobblepot's father, a role he already had in 1992's Batman Returns.


Even as Ben McKenzie publicly gave away some spoilers of comeback characters for the show, The Inquisitr previously reported Ben McKenzie's desire to keep news about his relationship with Morena Baccarin very private before recently revealing they were going to have a child.

Whether the producers of the series have placed limits on Ben McKenzie's leaks is hard to say. In 2014 he gave fans of the series a taste of the most popular DC character next to Batman, the joker, in the form of hints towards who would likely be playing the character in a interview with E-online.

Even in an another interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Ben McKenzie spilled the beans by revealing a rare villain.


In November of 2014 Ben McKenzie was also interviewed by The Daily Beast where he talks about what he considered to be the grueling job of being on The O.C. and makes no secret about what a relief it was for him when the show ended.

"When it was over, it was great because I never had to do that thing again, and I could have more control over what projects I chose. But I'm still good friends with Adam and Peter to this day."
The creator of the series Bruno Heller feels that his team is entirely prepared to take their ability to build on their DC universe with confidence. It would appear that Ben McKenzie has a lot to look forward to with this role, what he agrees is a very necessary and healthy departure from anything else he's done in his career.

[Featured image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]