Iman & Lorde Honor David Bowie Along With Paul McCartney, Madonna, Mick Jagger & 4.3M Tweets

From the legendary Paul McCartney to young Lorde, as well as Iman, his model wife, “hero” David Bowie is being celebrated as a man and musician. And these celebrities are not alone as other stars, such as Madonna and Mick Jagger, honored the musician after his death on January 10 following an 18-month battle with cancer, reported Us Weekly.

His son, Duncan Jones, used social media to confirm the passing of his father, and more than 4.3 million tweets paid tribute to the musician. Others turned to blogs, Instagram, and Facebook to share their memories and mourn their loss.

“A Great Star,” Says Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney mourns the loss of his friend.
TOKYO, JAPAN - APRIL 28: Paul McCartney performs live at the Budokan on April 28, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images)

For Paul McCartney, blogging about a man who had become a friend as well as colleague provided an outlet.

“Very sad news to wake up to on this raining morning,” wrote Paul. “A great star and I treasure the moments we had together. His music played a very strong part in British musical history and I’m proud to think of the huge influence he has had on people all around the world.”

McCartney expressed his sympathy to the family, recalling the humorous moments that they had shared during the many years in which they knew each other.

“His star will shine in the sky forever,” added Paul.

“A True Original,” Says Mick Jagger

For Mick Jagger, gaining inspiration professionally and friendship personally made the musician someone to be forever remembered.

“A true original,” declared Mick. “He was wonderfully shameless in his work. We had so many good times together… he was my friend, I will never forget him.”

Madonna Recalls How He Changed Her Life

Madonna recalled feeling as if she never quite fit in when she was raised in Michigan. And then she heard David’s performance at the first concert she ever attended. Posting her memory on Facebook, Madonna paid tribute to the legend.

“It was the first concert I’d ever been to. I snuck out of the house with my girlfriend wearing a cape. We got caught after and I was grounded for the summer. I didn’t care. I already had many of his records and was so inspired…Funny and serious. Clever and wise… Thank you…. I owe you a lot … The world will miss you. Love M.”

Lorde Honors Her Hero

Lorde honors her "hero."
Lorde honors her "hero." [Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images]

For Lorde, Bowie ranked as her hero, reported BBC News.

Lorde recalled when she was only 17 and attending a party for Tilda Swinton. But rather than the British actress, who was supposed to be the focal point of the party, it was the musician who stood out for Lorde. In her tribute, Lorde recalled how she felt meeting her hero.

“I’ve never met a hero of mine and liked it,” recalled Lorde. “I’ll never forget the caressing of our hands as we spoke, or the light in his eyes. That night something changed in me – I felt a calmness grow, a sureness.”

Looking back, Lorde added that she felt it was due to that meeting, although brief, that she moved forward in her career.

“I think in those brief moments, he heralded me into my next new life, an old rock and roll alien angel in a perfect grey suit. I realised everything I’d ever done, or would do from then on, would be done like maybe he was watching. I realised I was proud of my spiky strangeness because he had been proud of his. And I know I’m never going to stop learning dances, brand new dances.”

Iman, Model & Wife, Remembers

Iman, a model, remembers her husband. [Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images]

Prior to the death of her husband, Iman shared the most memorable moments of his life on social media, reported Harper’s Bazaar.

The compilation ranges from tributes from stars to milestone photos. But the recent post shared by Iman shows how the model is holding onto her faith amidst the sorrow of loss.

“The struggle is real, but so is God,” posted Iman.

As for how Iman met the musician, she initially did not want to date a rock star, reported CNN.

However, although Iman admits thinking it was not a “sane thing,” that rock star proved that he had the powers of persuasion as well as musical talent. With wooing woven with charm, he caused her to fall in love, and they wed and had a daughter, Lexi. Iman revealed that while her husband was “fun and relaxed” with their daughter, it was the supermodel mom who played the role of disciplinarian.

The couple lived primarily in New York but also had homes on the island of Mustique as well as London. They tried to hold onto their privacy as much as possible. Consequently, many were not aware of the cancer diagnosis until his passing.

[Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images]