Powerball Winning Jackpot: Drawing On Wednesday Night As Jackpot Rockets To $1.5 Billion [Videos, Photos]

The Powerball drawing on Wednesday night will be for the largest jackpot ever played. The Powerball jackpot has rocketed to a mind-blowing $1.5 billion after a spike in ticket sales, and after no jackpot winner was declared last Saturday. With one more day to go before the Powerball winning numbers are drawn, one can only wonder how high the jackpot will climb before Wednesday night. As Powerball fever continues to mount before the drawing, many want to know what winning numbers to play, if there are tips that will help them win, and what steps should they take should they become a lucky jackpot winner.

The last drawing was held on Jan. 9, 2016, and the winning numbers were 16, 19, 32, 34, 57 and the Powerball was 13. Many people suggest looking into certain number combinations that historically have been found on more winning tickets. If you are interested in finding numbers that frequently appear on winning Powerball tickets, you can search through past winning tickets on the official Powerball website. You can set a date that goes back to 1997 up to the current winning numbers.

As people prepare for the Powerball drawing, one of the most important decisions next to which numbers to play is how much money to spend on Powerball tickets.

Komo News set up a poll asking how much people will spend on Powerball tickets. The options included zero, $2-$10, $12-$100, and more than $100. At the time of this writing, the $2-$10 range had the most votes, followed by $12-$100. Coming in third was zero and in fourth place was $100 and up. It seems that the average amount people are willing to invest for a chance at a billion dollar jackpot is the logical and reasonable choice. What is interesting to note, however, is that those who play the lottery regularly, and have a strategy for winning, such as seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig, set a budget and then play the same game in order to increase their chances. Richard Lustig’s strategy is to spend what you can afford on Powerball and lottery tickets. You can hear Richard Lustig share several of his tips and strategies for winning the Powerball and other lotteries in the video below.

Richard Lustig is on Twitter and announced today that he has updated his website. He is the author of Learn How To Increase You Chances of Winning the Lottery.

Richard Lustig also shares a tip: when playing Powerball or other lotteries, make sure the number combination you are playing hasn’t won before.

As Powerball fever spreads, we’re beginning to see the same type of activity that was witnessed last Friday. Long lines are beginning to form in multiple states as people prepare for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing and hope to cash in on the $1.5 billion jackpot.

What do you think about the $1.5 billion Powerball drawing? Have you purchased tickets? Are you excited to play? How many tickets will you purchase? What would you do if you were the Powerball jackpot winner? Leave your answers in the comment section below. The drawing will take place Wednesday night at approximately 11 p.m., ET. We’ll have the results and winning numbers for you live as well as the video of the drawing as soon as they are available.

Good luck!
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