Powerball Numbers: Powerball Winning Numbers, Like 26, Chosen The Most, Compared To Least Winning Numbers, Like 61

According to the official Powerball website, the latest Powerball jackpot has risen to an estimated $1.4 billion for Wednesday’s drawing. As such, Powerball players are turning into armchair statisticians, trying to decipher the best ways to pick out the winning Powerball numbers. So, what are the most popular winning Powerball numbers? And which Powerball numbers have proved to be the least winning Powerball numbers? A look at websites that study Powerball numbers helps.

For example, the website Lotto Numbers purports to study such things. Their Most Common Powerball Numbers page gives data about the most-popular Powerball numbers, along with the amount of times those Powerball numbers were drawn. After all, who would’ve expected that the red Powerball ball would’ve been lucky No. 13 in the most recent drawing?

Here are the numbers that Lotto Numbers point to as the most popular Powerball numbers as of late for the main draw, not the red Powerball.

“Most popular Powerball number – Number One: The number 26

Drawn 266 times

Last drawn:
62 days ago

Most popular Powerball number – Number Two: The number 41

Drawn 255 times

Last drawn:
24 days ago

Most popular Powerball number – Number Three: The number 16

Drawn 255 times

Last drawn:
3 days ago

Most popular Powerball number – Number Four: The number 22

Drawn 254 times

Last drawn:
13 days ago

Most popular Powerball number – Number Five: The number 42

Drawn 253 times

Last drawn:
10 days ago

Most popular Powerball number – Number Six: The number 35

Drawn 251 times

Last drawn:
122 days ago

As for the Powerball red ball itself, the site counts the below numbers as the most popular red Powerball winning number.

Powerball number: 20

Drawn 75 times

Last drawn:
17 days ago

Powerball number: 6

Drawn 74 times

Last drawn:
27 days ago

Powerball number: 29

Drawn 72 times

Last drawn:
213 days ago

Powerball number: 2

Drawn 69 times

Last drawn:
45 days ago

Powerball number: 18

Drawn 68 times

Last drawn:
62 days ago

Powerball number: 9

Drawn 68 times

Last drawn:
41 days ago

While some people choose the strategy of going with the most popular Powerball winning numbers, others realize that the most popular winning Powerball numbers might be played by plenty of Powerball players who are all viewing the same data of the winning numbers. As such, they might take the tactic to go for the least-winning Powerball numbers. Lotto Numbers reports that the least-common Powerball numbers are numbers like 61, 60, 66, 67, 65, 63, 69, 64, 62, 68, 57, 58, 56, 59, 55, and 20.

However, those least commonly winning Powerball numbers are skewed, because the Powerball only recently changed the amount of numbers, which affects the most common winning numbers and Powerball statistics. As reported by Powerball, their “Powerball 7.0” went into effect on October 7, 2015.

It was a change that increased the number of white balls to 69, and decreased the number of red Powerball balls to 26. The change in the Powerball numbering affected the winning number statistics, and means that higher jackpots like the $1.4 billion jackpot was made possible, with more overall winners for the winning numbers — if not increasing the likelihood that someone would win the overall Powerball jackpot.

Either way, whatever strategy is used — be it a combination of playing the most popular winning Powerball numbers or the least popular winning Powerball numbers or something altogether different, Powerball fever is still in full effect upon the nation. With no big winners for the most recent Powerball jackpot, and the history-making Powerball jackpot set to be released on Wednesday, January 13, expect Powerball lines to continue to snake outside of convenience store doors as many people try their hands at picking the Powerball jackpot’s winning numbers and try to become billionaires.

Mark Cuban even weighed in on the Powerball excitement, as reported by Yahoo. Cuban advised Powerball winners to not take the cash option for the winning numbers, but others disagreed with Mark’s advice, saying that taking the Powerball annuity option for the winning numbers is a losing proposition.

[Photo by AP Photo/Orlin Wagner]