January 12, 2016
WWE News: Original Plans For AJ Styles' WWE Debut Revealed

Does the WWE Universe like surprises? That fact is unknown. Social media doesn't help the situation any, simply because fans ruin it for themselves. As ironic as it may seem, the Internet Wrestling Community doesn't share any disdain for surprises. In fact, they want them more than most understand. Imagine if Chris Jericho's WWE debut was ruined before it happened? What if Alberto Del Rio's surprise return at Hell in a Cell was spoiled?

It's moments like those that make professional wrestling what it is today. CM Punk's sensational victory at Money in the Bank 2011 couldn't have been spoiled because he signed his contract halfway through the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. If WWE fans knew about the signing prior to the event, the entire night wouldn't have the mystique it currently holds.

Punk kisses goodbye
[Image via WWE.com]

With the presumed hype the Bullet Club and Shinsuke Nakamura are bringing in, one can only wonder how they will debut in the company. The Royal Rumble is an easy way, but it shouldn't be as easy as placing them in the match. There needs to be a subplot to their debut. For example, if the Bullet Club entered at 27-29, then Finn Balor entered at No. 30, it would certainly open eyes.

If MLW Radio didn't break the news about Nakamura and the Bullet Club, the WWE Universe would've witnessed one of the biggest surprises in WWE history. According to WresltingRumors.net, AJ Styles' original WWE debut plans revealed a shock that won't happen now.

"Obviously, WWE's attempts to keep whatever negotiations are happening behind closed doors failed and the news got out about all of them potentially coming to WWE. However, WWE had rough plans in place for at least AJ Styles when he debuted in WWE.

Before the news broke and the wrestling world learned that AJ Styles could be WWE bound, WWE was hoping to make AJ Styles a surprise entrant in the "Royal Rumble" in a few weeks.

Those within WWE were reportedly comparing that plan for AJ Styles to be similar to the surprise appearance and return by Alberto Del Rio at 'Hell in a Cell' in October."

What an atmosphere that would've been if AJ Styles debuted at the Royal Rumble PPV without a trace of him coming to the WWE alongside the Bullet Club. Since the news is already out, perhaps debuting him in the match isn't the best idea. Try and surprise the WWE Universe and do something they won't expect. I've clamored for this and still want Finn Balor to win the WWE World Heavyweight title at the Royal Rumble.

He has yet to debut on the main roster, and Balor is slated to be the next megastar of the WWE. Without speaking through his promos, he does so with natural charisma and fan appeal. Despite what people think about the viewers at WWE NXT, he just doesn't go over with the "marks." Balor is universally satisfactory.

New challenger for NXT Title
[Image via WWE.com]

Plus, they could run an invasion angle with the Bullet Club and take over the WWE. Even more good news struck for wrestling fans today. Shinsuke Nakamura was stripped of the IWGP Intercontinental championship today, and Kenny Omega will face an unnamed opponent in his next match. Nakamura's last match on the Indy scene is on January 30.

The WWE is getting too much talent to ignore, and now, perhaps a brand split is necessary. When the Bullet Club comes in and all of the injured superstars are back in the summer, what do they do with all of that talent? Plus, that doesn't even include the WWE NXT talents who are going to get called up in future months. The Royal Rumble is a special time for all of us. Do the WWE Universe a favor and surprise them.

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