Donnie Wahlberg And Nancy Grace: Heated Feud Over ‘Making A Murderer’

Netflix’s controversial documentary series, Making a Murderer, has become one of the most talked-about cases this past year, with numerous celebrities jumping aboard to give their take on the situation. New Kids On The Block’s Donnie Wahlberg, who recently wrote an editorial on the case, appeared on Nancy Grace last night, and things got a little heated.

The Story of Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is a six-part documentary series that revolves around the case of Steve Avery, 53, of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, who was convicted of rape in 1985 and subsequently sent to prison.

After serving 18 years, Avery was released in 2003 after DNA evidence showed that the scrapings taken off of the victim’s fingernails didn’t belong to him. Ironically, just two years after his release, Avery was arrested again and charged with murder. Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, was also sent to prison after he confessed to authorities of playing a role in the crime.

Yet, an overwhelming amount of viewers believe that not only is Steve Avery innocent of murder, but that Dassey, who has a low IQ, was badgered so much by authorities that he made a false confession.

Wahlberg’s Editorial

Entertainment Weekly (EW) reports that prior to appearing on Nancy Grace, Wahlberg wrote an editorial via social media, where he compared Steven Avery’s case to that of O.J. Simpson.

“In ‘Making a Murderer,’ the police are made to look like ‘evil’ men by the defense. Just like Johnny Cochran argued about the cops in the O.J. case. But did the Manitowoc officers ever show anything in their history that would make us think that they were any more evil than Detective Mark Fuhrman was in the O.J. trial?”

Other similarities the Blue Bloods‘ actor pointed out consisted of how both cases were showcased for the world to see and how there was a rush for the public to assume guilt or innocence right away.

“Ironically, despite all the similarities between the O.J. and Avery cases, there is one striking dissimilarity that has been revealed: that while most people assumed O.J. was guilty, most of those same people assume Steven Avery is innocent.”

Wahlberg Vs. Grace

While appearing on Nancy Grace, Wahlberg shared his opinions on Dassey, and asserted that Avery’s nephew was also a victim in the crime.

“He’s potentially a victim in some way, too. Even if he’s guilty in this, you know, he’s a victim of his uncle if that’s the case, because there’s no way his uncle ever should have had him.”

Grace, apparently infuriated by Wahlberg’s comment, cut him off mid-sentence and to question his views on victims.

“He raped Teresa Halbach. He is not a victim. If your uncle called you and said, ‘Hey Donnie, let’s cut this lady’s hair off and rape her and then I’ll kill her.’ How does that make him a victim?”

Wahlberg attempted to explain himself, stating that if Avery brought Dassey (who was then a teenager) over to his home to participate in the crime, then the uncle is guilty of victimizing his nephew.

Nancy Grace, known for her outspoken manner, disagreed with Donnie Wahlberg's views concerning Brendan Dassey. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)
Nancy Grace, known for her outspoken manner, disagreed with Donnie Wahlberg’s views concerning Brendan Dassey. [AP Photo/Matt Sayles]
Grace didn’t seem to grasp Wahlberg’s comment and asked if the uncle was responsible for the nephew’s actions. Wahlberg replied, “yes,” and stated that Avery should have never had Dassey over at his house. Grace threw both hands to face as if exasperated and reiterated that the nephew made his own choice to participate in the crime and rape Halbach.

Wahlberg attempted to diffuse the heated situation by telling Grace he wasn’t there to debate, yet the talk show host reminded him that when he’s on her show, a debate is bound to happen.

“Oh, honey, when you get in that chair, OK? It’s on!”

After a few back and forth exchanges, the actor and talk show host finally agreed that Dassey is a victim in the sense of his attorneys not guiding him correctly and helping him make the best decision.

Both Donnie Wahlberg and Nancy agree that Steven Avery is probably guilty and both trust the jurors’ decision, despite numerous people who think otherwise and are fighting to get him released from prison. Avery is currently serving life in prison at the Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin.

Do you agree with Donnie Wahlberg and feel Dassey is a victim of his uncle’s crimes? Share your comments below.

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