Missing Girl Mystery: Where Is Alizé Sierra Becerril? Teen Last Seen Wandering Off From Doctor Visit

Alizé Sierra Becerril, 15-years-old, reportedly wandered out of a medical center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Friday. She hasn’t been seen since, and her whereabouts remain a mystery. Police are asking the public to help locate the missing girl.

According to a report by KWTV in Oklahoma City, Alizé was waiting with her sisters for their brother to come out of a doctor’s appointment when she told them she needed to use a restroom. Rather than finding the lavatory, surveillance video shows the teen entering and leaving elevators, and then wandering out of the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center building.

Here is the last known photo of Alizé Becerril as she exited the OU medical building.

missing girl Alizé Sierra Becerril
[Photo via OUHSC Police]

The teen and her family were in Oklahoma City to see the doctor. They live in Lawton, Oklahoma, about 90 miles southwest of the state’s capital city.

“She was seen on camera in the hospital on the elevator. She went out the exit right where we were parked at, and possibly picked up on the camera in front of the hospital, and not picked up on another camera after that…” said April Becerril, the missing girl’s mother, to KFOR TV News.

“We’re not from Oklahoma City, she doesn’t know anybody, have any friends up here,” she added.

The news report from KOKH-TV in Oklahoma City contains more details. See the video below.

According to her mother, Alizé has no history of running away and she believes that it would be highly out of character for her to do so. She remains baffled and upset about why her daughter would simply wander away. Most of all, she fears for her daughter’s safety.

“I have no idea what happened. Of course I thought this way, or that way. Did she just try to take a walk while we were in our appointment? Did somebody pick her up on the corner when she walked outside?… Her dad and I, we’re scared. We’re worried.”

missing girl Alizé Sierra Becerril
[Photo via Alizé Sierra Becerril facebook]

The Becerril family has put together their own search group to assist the police, posting “missing person” flyers around Oklahoma City.

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Alizé disappeared from the medical facility at around 3:35 p.m. on Friday afternoon. About an hour later, her cell phone was “pinged” at a location a short distance down the street from the OU Health Center. Since then, her phone has been shut off.

When she walked away from her family, she was not wearing an overcoat, and temperatures have dropped below freezing in Oklahoma City in the past few days, with highs only in the 40s, providing another cause for worry by the family.

According to a description posted by the OUHSC Police on their Facebook page, Alizé Becrreil stands 5-feet-4-inches tall and weighs approximately 100 pounds. She was last seen “heading northbound on Phillips Ave from 13th Street” in Oklahoma City, the police stated on Facebook.

At the time she wandered off, she was wearing “a black hoodie with the word ‘PINK’ written on the front, grey sweatpants and was carrying a multi colored backpack,” the OUHSC police said.

“Not knowing what happened to her,” the girl’s mother said. “That’s the worst part right now.”

In addition to the police Facebook page, a separate Facebook account, accessible at this link, has been created to help find the missing teen.

Earlier on Monday, the “Missing in Oklahoma City” Facebook page posted only a short update stating simply, “Working with police and following up on some tips. Slow process.”

For a 15-year-old, Alizé Becerril does not appear to have an active social media presence. Her last post on her personal Facebook page was on October 15 of last year.

OUHSC Police ask anyone who spots the missing girl, or who has any information about the mystery of the disappearance of Alizé Sierra Becerril, to call them at 405-271-4911.

[Photo via Missing In Oklahoma City Facebook]