El Chapo Raid Video Viral: Explosive GoPro Footage Of El Chapo Raid Before Arrest Released [Video]

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman was on the run for nearly six months before he was captured by Mexican marines on January 8. Since El Chapo is the most powerful drug trafficker in the world, he actually has a fanbase, despite being a convicted criminal who has successfully escaped from prison twice. Fans were relatively shocked about his capture and some still didn’t exactly believe the reports even after the story broke. But now, there’s actual footage of the raid that led to El Chapo’s capture.

On Monday, January, 11, explosive footage of the raid was released by TMZ. It has been reported that the raw footage was recorded by the Mexican marines who were equipped with GoPro cameras during the raid. The footage begins with marines preparing to ambush El Chapo and members of the Sinaloa cartel in an “operation dubbed “Black Swan” by the Mexican government,” according to the publication. Initially, the clip looks similar to something you’d see on a video game, but once shots are fired, it’s quite obvious that the raid is quite real.

Once the Mexican marines enter the property, shots can be heard. According to the Daily Mail, members of the Sinaloa cartel exchanged fire with the marines in an effort to protect El Chapo, but they were ultimately taken down. According to ABC News, “Primero Noticias” revealed they obtained surveillance footage that captured El Chapo and his lieutenant attempting to escape from a manhole. El Chapo and the lieutenant were able to steal two cars and flee but were ultimately stopped by the Mexican Federal Police on a nearby highway.

Warning: Footage may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

There has been lots of chatter about the possibility of extradition for El Chapo, but Mexican authorities refuse to release him. According to the Daily Mail, America has submitted extradition requests since this is the second time El Chapo has escaped from a Mexican prison facility but, to no avail. During a previous interview, Jesús Murillo Karam, the Mexican attorney general at the time, made it clear that El Chapo would be staying in Mexico for the duration of his prison sentence.

“I can accept extradition, but when I say so,” Karam said, according to The Atlantic. “El Chapo has to stay here and do his time, then I’ll extradite him. Some 300, 400 years later. That’s a lot of time.”

The latest reports about El Chapo’s capture and extradition debacle follow a string of reports about the alleged incident that led to his capture. As previously reported on The Inquisitr, El Chapo had a secret meeting with American actor Sean Penn, Kate del Castillo, and a fixer. Although Sean Penn met with El Chapo to conduct an interview, Mexican authorities are arguing a totally different perspective of the secret meeting.

According to CNN, Penn and Castillo are now being investigated for the meeting with El Chapo and could face charges for aiding and abetting a fugitive. Since El Chapo was still considered a fugitive at the time of the meeting, which took place in October, Penn and Castillo have been accused of withholding information. However, Penn insists that isn’t the case. In the article Penn published to Rolling Stone magazine, he defended his actions and insisted that the allegations brought against him regarding the meeting with El Chapo were not as perceived.

“I take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals, nor do I have any gloating arrogance at posing for selfies with unknowing security men. But I’m in my rhythm. Everything I say to everyone must be true,” Penn wrote.

Do you think El Chapo should be extradited? Should Sean Penn face charges for his meeting with El Chapo? Share your thoughts.

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