David Bowie Death Hoax: Music Icon Passes Away, But Many Refuse To Believe It

The world woke up on Monday morning to the tragic news that music icon David Bowie had passed away, just two days after he turned 69-years-old. He brought life to the world of entertainment in so many different ways, and his loss is a true loss to everyone. Due to the Internet, though, and celebrity death hoaxes, there are a lot of people who simply don't believe it and think it's the David Bowie death hoax.

The New York Times reported that the news of Bowie's death was, indeed, true, as his publicist, Steve Martin, confirmed it. Not a lot of other details were revealed, but it is known that he had been treated for cancer for the past year and a half.

Martin posted a simple message on his Facebook page, and has asked for the family of Bowie to have respect and privacy at this hard time.

"David Bowie died peacefully today surrounded by his family."
As people logged onto different social media sites, many hoped with everything in them that it was, indeed, a hoax. The celebrity death hoax has prematurely taken the lives of Betty White, James Earl Jones, Willie Nelson, and even Jake, from State Farm.

david bowie dies celebrity death hoax
[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/WireImage]Eventually, those stories are going to be true, because everyone's time comes at one point or another. Such is the case now for David Bowie, who has indeed died, and far too soon, since he was just 69, but as Star Pulse reported, there are many people who absolutely will not believe it to be true.No matter what, it's just not going to sink into the minds of some.Maybe the massive amount of tweets and other social media posts claiming it to be a David Bowie death hoax are people just hoping it isn't true. Then again, there are likely a lot of people who just won't believe what is on the Internet and swear up and down that he's still alive.

As per the Guardian, Bowie's publicist had to take time out of this sad day to even address the rumors going around that his client wasn't dead and it was a hoax. At one point, he seriously had to come about and state, "It's not a hoax."

That is when Duncan Jones, Bowie's son, also took to Twitter early on Monday morning to let the world know of the passing of his father.

The iconic musician has released so many different songs and albums that will stand the test of time and be more than just classics. Bowie's music will be something that is listened to, loved, and cherished by everyone for generation after generation to come.

Bowie released his latest album just last week, and it is titled "Blackstar." It was released to coincide with his birthday, and it has already gotten rave reviews from critics and fans alike around the entire world.

David Bowie death hoax celebrity death hoax
[Photo by David Gahr/Getty Images]Different tributes have started going out from multiple recording studios, celebrities, family, friends, and fans from every corner of the globe. His physical life may have ended, but his spirit, memory, and legend will live on for centuries.

David Bowie has unfortunately passed away, and far too young. The world has lost a legend in all of entertainment and so many other ways of life, but the celebrity death hoax needs to be forgotten. This is not a David Bowie death hoax, even though many honestly wish it was.

[Image via Jo Hale/Getty Images]