Jake From State Farm Murdered By Wife After Being Caught Cheating – Yet Another Internet Death Hoax

The Internet is full of a hoax here and a false story there, but there are many more than you may think. One of the most popular is that of the celebrity death hoax such as what happened with Willie Nelson, James Earl Jones, and others. The latest hoax to make the rounds is one that has a celebrity not just meeting his “death” but getting murdered. However, Jake from State Farm wasn’t really murdered by his wife.

You know Jake. He is always on the phone late at night with different men and discussing insurance plans while wearing khakis.

A story started making the Internet rounds earlier this week that “Jake from State Farm,” real name Jake Stone, was caught cheating on his wife. Huzlers reported that Jake’s wife caught him in bed with another woman on Saturday night and proceeded to murder him.

“Jake From State Farm was murdered by his own wife for allegedly cheating on her. Very Ironic, considering that the original Jake From State Farm commercial was about being unfaithful. According to State Farm, Jake would be a good neighbor to all of his clients, but when he needed help, nobody was there for him. Jake’s wife was arrested a few hours following the murder. ‘A true hero’ quoted State Farm.”

What people fail to realize is that Huzlers is a satire site that reports fake news. They’ve been sharing the article on social media and don’t even pay attention to the fact that it doesn’t mention the real name of “Jake from State Farm.”

jake from state farm hoax death
[Photo by Steve Smedley]
In true, not so tasteful, fashion, they even say Jake’s funeral will be held next week. That’s right in the same paragraph telling readers to check out their store.

Snopes came to the rescue by completely squashing the celebrity death hoax and letting it be known that it wasn’t true. They weren’t the only one that spoke out against it though as “Jake from State Farm” thanked everyone for their well thoughts too.

Jake Stone is an actual person and he was an actual State Farm agent at one point, but ended up winning the role in a casting call. He’s since helped out one guy late at night and even Beldar Conehead with an early morning phone call.

jake state farm death hoax coneheads
[Photo by State Farm]
The character of Jake from State Farm has become a cult icon with his simple comments and glorified khakis. Stone actually finds it hard to not be noticed now wherever he goes as many people want him to pose for pictures.

Stone says he’s never let the popularity go to his head and he’s stayed the same guy he always has been in life. Now, he just gets requests from people to say “khakis” and look rather downtrodden as if he’s being scolded on the phone by a skeptical wife.

Huzler has stories of all kinds that end up going viral and have not a bit of truth in them. Some of them are quite humorous and obviously fake, but others may seem a bit more believable. All you have to do is look at the bottom of their site to see their disclaimer.

“Huzlers.com is the most notorious urban satirical entertainment website in the world with the most shocking headlines and articles shared by trillions around the world.”

[Images via State Farm]

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