‘Affluenza Mom’ Tonya Couch Took $30K In Cash To Go On The Run, Wants Bail Reduction

Tonya Couch Affluenza money

To many people in Tarrant County, Tonya Couch, aka the “Affluenza Mom,” has a lot of nerve asking for a bail reduction in light of the fact that she has spared no expense on lawyers and sneaking her son out of the country. It seems she believes that $25k is a better number for her than $1 million. Couch also continues to complain that she doesn’t like the jail conditions.

According to the Inquisitr, Tonya Couch, in a yellow jumpsuit, is still in the Tarrant County Jail. Her lawyer was late to Friday’s hearing, where she plead not guilty and asked for a bail reduction. The judge held the hearing over for today when Couch will again request a bail reduction. The complication is that any reduction will require Couch to hand over her passport, which was seized by the Mexican authorities.

CBS News is reporting that Couch has her second bail hearing today at 1:30 p.m. in an attempt to get out of jail. Her lawyer is representing the Affluenza Mom’s point of view that she did nothing wrong in taking her son out of the country when he was facing a parole violation.

“The public may not like what she did, may not agree with what she did, or may have strong feelings against what she did,” explained Steve Gordon and Stephanie K. Patten in their statement. “Tonya did not violate any law of the State of Texas, and she is eager to have her day in court.”

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has now petitioned the court to have Ethan Couch’s case moved from juvenile court to adult court.

“Everything possible must be done to hold him accountable and to ensure that Couch has no more victims,” stated MADD national president Colleen Sheehey-Church. “Couch is not a child. His actions are not that of a child. Four people were killed and several injured, and Couch continues to show no remorse and blatant disregard for the law.”

The New York Post is referring to Ethan Couch as “a brat” and his mother as “the most hated doting mother.” Tonya Couch allegedly called her husband, Fred Couch, before they went on the run and told him that he would never see her or their son Ethan again. Obviously, Tonya Couch thought her flight skills were a bit better than they truly were because she was apprehended with her son just over two weeks later. Sources say that fleeing Texas if Ethan got caught breaking probation was always the plan.

“The doting mom of America’s most hated teen broke off contact with her husband, withdrew $30,000 from a bank and used the money for a jaunt to Mexico with her ‘affluenza’-­afflicted son.”

The Daily Mail says that Tonya Couch continues to whine about jail conditions, primarily due to the concern that the lighting is harsh and she isn’t sleeping well. Sheriff Dee Anderson seems non-plussed that Couch will not give his jail a positive review on Yelp.

“I explained to her that this was a jail, not a resort,” Anderson told reporters.

The public in Tarrant County believes that Tonya Couch has proven that she still doesn’t get the seriousness of her son’s actions. If she did, she would have never aided him in going on the run to Mexico. Some believe it is time for the Couch family to acknowledge that their son needs to live by the rules of society along with everyone else.

Do you think Tonya Couch will get her bail significantly reduced?

[Photo by Rodger Mallison/AP]