Who Is A Better Fit With The Dallas Cowboys, Johnny Manziel Or Robert Griffin III?

Plenty of rumors are swirling around the Dallas Cowboys and their search for an heir apparent to quarterback Tony Romo. The biggest buzz is that the Cowboys are interested (courtesy of The Sporting News) in embattled Cleveland Browns’ QB Johnny Manziel. There is also a contention of people who believe that once Robert Griffin III, or RGIII as he is called, gets his Washington Redskins release, that he will return to his home state (courtesy of NFL.com) of Texas to become Romo’s understudy.

Given the long-term health concerns of Tony Romo, and his age, the Dallas Cowboys have to think about the present and the future. Romo will turn 36 in April, and judging by the rate that his injuries are piling up, having a backup plan cannot go ignored. The reason for the Johnny Manziel and RGIII to the Dallas Cowboys rumors exist is because of the dire need of another quarterback to pass the torch to when Romo is done. An additional reason is because both Manziel and RGIII are Texas-natives.

Which quarterback is the best fit to wear the colors of “America’s Team,” Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III?

If the Dallas Cowboys were to look into acquiring Johnny Manziel, they may find that the asking price for him might be minimal at best. The Cleveland Browns might give away the former first-rounder for a low draft pick. That is if they do not just cut him outright. Everyone believes that his time in Cleveland has come to an end it seems that the end can happen any day now.

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There is a Cleveland.com story citing that ESPN reporter Elizabeth Merrill was around the Cleveland Browns during practice and during the games when Johnny Manziel was preparing to play against the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs. Merrill’s full report can be found here. It provides a full look at the brief highs and lows of Johnny Manziel’s probable final days as a Cleveland Brown. He went AWOL for the final game of the season. Manziel was already ruled out because he was in the concussion protocol, but to not be there for his teammates on the last game of the season is a head-scratcher.

Jonny Manziel’s absence could only be explained by the reports which placed him in Las Vegas wearing a blond wig, glasses and a fake mustache the night before the game. Days after that report came out, Manziel was cited for having expired license plates on his car. Just recently, The Inquisitr reported that he was dropped from the marketing agency ran by Maverick Carter, the best friend of LeBron James.

Nobody doubts that Johnny Manziel has talent, but is it talent worth the trouble in a Dallas Cowboys locker room.

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As for Robert Griffin III, he is talented as well, but he comes with less baggage. During his tenure with the Washington Redskins, there were reports that he had an inflated ego which alienated him from his teammates. CBS Sports reported that he bragged about having a strong influence over team decisions. That definitely would rub anyone inside the locker room the wrong way. It is not as if teams ignore star players when they make decisions such potential coaching hires and additions to the roster.

Tony Romo has been consulted by the Dallas Cowboys’ owner and general manager Jerry Jones. At least he offers his input. At the end of the day, it is Jones, and Jones alone who makes the final decisions, not Romo, or any other player with tenure and sway in the locker room.

For RGIII to boast about his influence is divisive, and a slap in the face to any player on the roster. A productive Robert Griffin III would justify him having a huge ego. He was not as productive as he should have been, and he was eventually benched in favor of Kirk Cousins, who would lead the Redskins to an NFC East Division crown.

Robert Griffin III has led the Redskins to the playoffs once also. This would appeal to the Dallas Cowboys. He is also relatively young. He will be 26 in a month. If he could focus on football, meaning the X’s and O’s of the game, he would be less of a risk for the Dallas Cowboys. RGIII does come with his own health concerns. With the way that he plays, he takes a lot of hits. If he could change his playing style, he can have longevity in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys will address their need for an heir apparent to Tony Romo at some point during the offseason. The rumors are swirling that either Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III will be added to the Cowboys’ roster. Which player would be the best fit for the Cowboys? One prominent Dallas sportswriter Tim Cowlishaw believes that neither of them will suit up for the Dallas Cowboys. He might be right. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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