Woman Loses 175 Pounds After Being Hypnotized Into Believing She Had A Gastric Band

Gastric Band

Bride Sarah Price says she was horrified when she realized she weighed 308 pounds leading in to her wedding day with her first husband. However, instead of attempting to lose weight, Price says she turned to food for comfort. In fact, the bride says she had a pastry, a chocolate bar and a slice of cake on the way to her wedding dress fitting. Price says that it wasn’t until a New Year’s Eve party after a holiday food binge that she realized the state of her condition and decided to take action. She says when the clock hit midnight she made a promise to cut the weight and a few days later came across an article in a magazine that would change her life forever. Sarah learned about gastric mind band treatment, a course that tricks your mind through hypnosis into believing you have a gastric band.

The Daily Mail reports that Sarah Price was shocked when she realized the magnitude of her weight gain while standing next to her sister at her first wedding. Sarah says that she was a comfort eater, but didn’t realize how large she had gotten until she saw her wedding dress, a size 22, handing next to her sister’s size 8 bridesmaid dress. Price admits that she never dieted and that on the way to her wedding dress fitting even stopped for a pastry, piece of cake and a chocolate bar.

Price said that no one was allowed to comment on her weight, except for her big sister Amanda. However, Amanda says that Sarah wouldn’t listen to her regarding dieting so she gave up. On Sarah’s wedding day, she says that she was horrified that everyone’s eyes would be on her for all the wrong reasons, but didn’t do anything to lose weight leading into the big day. Instead, Sarah says she told her husband she would wait until after the wedding to diet. Sarah weighed 308 pounds on her wedding day and says that things only got worse after the holidays while gorging on sweet treats.

The wake up call for Sarah came when she surprised friends at a New Year’s Eve party. She says she showed up to the costume party dressed as an angel and friends, who hadn’t seen her since before the holidays, seemed taken aback by her new, larger appearance. Price says that the party forced her to look at herself and to make the decision to lose weight. She claims that when the clock struck midnight she made a promise to herself that this year she would tackle her mounting pounds.

Shortly after making the commitment to weight loss, Sarah says she came across an article in a magazine for gastric mind band treatment. The treatment involves hypnotizing clients into believing they have a gastric band. By mentally believing the gastric band was in place, hypnotized patients would eat less. Sarah says she immediately wanted to take part and scheduled herself for the next session which was happening in March.

After the treatment, Sarah says it was life-changing. She says the hypnotist gave her a golf ball to place on the table each time she ate. She was supposed to visualize her stomach being the same size as the golf ball. She says the visualizations worked and she began eating smaller portions. After just nine months, Sarah says she had lost 98 pounds. The weight loss gave her the confidence she needed to step up her game and started going to the gym four times per week.

However, Sarah’s marriage to her first husband couldn’t last the changes that were taking place, not only on the outside but also on the inside. The pair decided to separate in 2012, but say they are still on good terms. Sarah continued her healthy lifestyle and eventually dropped from 308 pounds to 133 pounds, losing 175 pounds with the gastric mind band treatment.

Following her extreme weight loss, Sarah says she met Adam and she finally got to look the way she had always dreamed in her wedding while strutting down the aisle as a size 8. What do you think of Sarah Price’s amazing weight loss using hypnosis? Have you ever heard of gastric mind band treatments?

[Image via AP Photo/Nati Harnik]