Powerball Conspiracy, Powerball Fraud Theories Abound As $1.3 Billion Lottery Arises

Paula Mooney - Author

Jan. 10 2016, Updated 4:33 p.m. ET

The fact that no one won the most recent Powerball jackpot, as noted by the official Powerball website, has brought out the conspiracy theorists in droves. As reported by Heavy, some of the top Powerball conspiracy theories include folks wondering if the Powerball jackpot is really a scheme for the government to collect lots of monies to pay off government debts.


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After all, with the Powerball sitting at $1.3 billion and an estimated $806 million cash value payout, taxes would come off the top of the winnings before the Powerball winner even gets any of that money. Not only would federal taxes have to be paid, but state taxes as well — including any additional fees and taxes to be paid to Uncle Sam. It is one theory that proves interesting, with the government being accused of creating Powerball fever to get folks to unknowingly contribute money to the government.

Either way, it’s a risk plenty of Powerball players are willing to take, by giving out a few (or many) dollars for Powerball tickets in order to dream of winning hundreds of millions of dollars, even after taxes are paid to the government. Most of those who include the words Powerball and conspiracy together in their tweets claim that Powerball is something designed by the government to collect money. Others allege more sinister things, saying that Powerball winners are actually actors, and that no one really wins the Powerball.

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What if the Powerball was a conspiracy and the government is taking all the money…

Here’s a conspiracy theory…..the government has finally found a way to economic stimulus….making sure Powerball isn’t won

Conspiracy theory: the government is rigging the power ball to eventually win and pay off the national debt

Starting to believe the powerball is one big government conspiracy to make us spend more money. Chance of 1+ billion is hard to pass up js..

Don’t buy Powerball tickets you are buying into a conspiracy that funds upcoming/current wars for oil

Until I win, I will keep believing the powerball is just a government conspiracy used to tax Americans.

Donald Trump will win the powerball #conspiracy

Powerball is rigged rn so they can make tax revenue. Call me a conspiracy theorist or go buy 20 tickets…. Sickening. It’s a #StupidTax!!!

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With Powerball gaining worldwide attention for reaching record-breaking amounts, it’s no wonder that the conspiracies are following Powerball. It’s not like the theories of fraud and conspiracies are very far-fetched, especially with lottery jackpot frauds appearing in the news as of late.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Eddie Tipton, the previous director of the Multi-State Lottery Association, and was convicted of lottery fraud. Tipton allegedly used software that gave him the winning numbers, and had connected people play the winning numbers in order to get the money.

Tipton was accused of rigging the jackpots of four different states for more than a span of six years — caught trying to claim an Iowa jackpot worth $16.5 million.

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With the current Powerball frenzy causing long lines of Powerball lottery players, as seen in the above photo at The Last Stop in White Hills, Arizona, the theories about a conspiracy abound.


One popular tweet, listed above, has been liked and retweeted more than 1,000 times, and claims that the Powerball lottery rising to more than $1 billion means the government can take a “large portion” as a special tax.

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“The important point is that the lottery is used as a method to raise revenue for the government without raising taxes to fund special black operations behind the eyes of the American people.”

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