Ashley Olsen Update: Did American Killed In Italy Have A Stalker? Hinted At Being Following On Instagram

An American woman was found murdered inside of her apartment in Florence, Italy, on Saturday. Ashley Olsen, 35, moved to Florence in 2012 to attend art school and to be closer to her father, who teaches in the Italian city. However, her time in the city was cut short when she was strangled to death and left naked in her own bed. In the weeks leading up to her murder, Olsen had posted about romantic troubles on her social media accounts and indicated that she might be cutting ties with a boyfriend. However, that wasn’t the only red flag, Olsen also indicated that she might have a stalker and posted images that appeared to be taken of her running errands around the city.

The Daily Mail reports that American Ashley Olsen was murdered in Florence, Italy, where she lived and attended art school. The 35-year-old woman was found naked and strangled in her apartment bed by her boyfriend. The boyfriend, an Italian artist, claims that he had gotten into an argument with Ashley three days before her death and that he became concerned when she wouldn’t return his calls. Therefore, he says, he went to her apartment but the door was locked. When she wouldn’t open the door, the boyfriend requested assistance from the apartment manager. When they entered the apartment, Ashley was found dead on her bed.

The troubled on-again-off-again relationships of Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend appear to be documented on her Instagram account. In the weeks before her murder, Ashley had posted an image taken from a page of the book Eat Pray Love. The image is of a passage in the book where the author is considering breaking up with her boyfriend permanently. Ashley hashtagged the passage with #seriousconsideration #happiness.

Ashley Olsen breakup
Ashley Olsen appears to contemplate a breakup just weeks before her murder. (Image via Instagram)

In other posts Ashley also indicates trouble in romantic paradise posting images of street art breakups or noting that “love sucks.” However, it isn’t just the breakup messages that graced the walls of Ashley’s Instagram in the weeks before her murder. Two posts are garnering attention as they seemingly imply that she has a stalker.

In the posts, Ashley calls someone a “creeper” and says “I have a stalker.” Along with the words, Ashley posted one image that seems to be taken without Ashley’s knowledge.

Ashley Olsen I have a stalker
Ashley Olsen seems to indicate that she has a stalker in this image posted to her Twitter account. (Image via Instagram)

Ashley does not indicate who she believes took the photo or where she received the image. However, she does say it is “weird.” This isn’t the only picture she uploaded noting a stalker. She also uploaded the photo below in which she appears to see or know the person taking the unwanted photograph so she flips the person off.

Ashley Olsen breakup stalker
Another photo uploaded by Ashley was taken by someone else and labeled as a "creeper." (Image via Instagram)

The New York Times notes that many fear the Ashley Olsen murder will turn into another long drawn out saga like the Amanda Knox case. However, Italian police say that they are giving the case “maximum attention” in a bid to get to the bottom of the case.

“What happened in Florence is getting the maximum attention to find out what it’s all about.”

The authorities have stated that they questioned Ashley’s boyfriend on Saturday but say they currently do not have any suspects in the murder. Meanwhile, people that knew Ashley say that they don’t know why anyone would hurt the woman that was known for being kind and gentle.

“I can’t imagine a person who would hurt her. She is a gentle, a kind, a beautiful, friendly, lovely girl and it’s an awful shock. We’ve got a great community here of people and everyone loved her.”

However, a woman that lived near the expatriate says that Ashley was troubled recently over boyfriend troubles and that she had encouraged her to seek counseling as she had been in a bad marriage in the past.

What do you think about the strange social media postings on Ashley Olsen’s accounts leading up to her death?

[Image via Instagram/ Ashley Olsen]