San Bernardino Shooting Victims: Concealed Carry Gun Permits May Have Stopped California Terrorist Attack

Patrick Frye

Following the deadly San Bernardino terrorist attack, concealed carry gun permits have become a much sought commodity among residents in San Bernardino County. Applications for the concealed weapons permits have skyrocketed by 750 percent, and that is just the beginning. Across California, gun stores are saying their sales have gone through the roof after President Obama's gun control executive order was announced. Interest in concealed carry is also shared by families of the San Bernardino shooting victims, with some speculating that the outcome of the California terrorist attack would have been different if someone in the Inland Regional Center had been armed with a gun for self defense.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Taya Kyle, the widow of Chris Kyle of American Sniper fame, confronted President Obama live on TV about his plans for increased background checks.

In the past, California's gun control laws already closed many of the so-called "loopholes" related to gun purchases. In fact, some of the weapons owned by the San Bernadino shooters, Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeem Malik, were legally bought within the state by a friend named Enrique Marquez. The man is pleading not guilty to providing material support to the two shooters, but he's also being charged as a co-conspirator in the terrorist plot.

While the FBI is still trying to get to the bottom of what happened and who was involved, California's citizens are busy gearing up just in case there is another San Bernardino terrorist attack. Cindy Bachman, a San Bernardino County Sheriff's department spokesperson, says they usually only process 10 applications for concealed weapons permits a week, but now the number is hovering around 75 applications per week.

San Bernardino County is now booking appointments for the applications process all the way out into the Summer of 2016. While some people may be alarmed that so many California citizens will suddenly be armed with guns, San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan believes there's nothing to be concerned about.

"It doesn't concern me that law-abiding, mentally sound people are getting concealed weapons permits," said Burguan, according to The Sun. "I will say from having a gun, pretty much my whole adult life, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with it."

Amy Wetzel is the widow of San Bernardino shooting victim Michael Wetzel and she is also applying for a concealed carry weapons permit. During a recent interview, she speculated that the outcome of the San Bernardino terrorist attack could have been very different if someone had been carrying a concealed gun.

"What if someone in that room (at the Inland Regional Center) had had a permit to carry (a concealed weapon)," she said.

"Literally five minutes after he finished talking, my store was packed," said Nolan Sands, general manager of the Scotts Valley firearms retailer, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel. "The direct relation as to when he talks and us getting busy is impeccable."

This is remarkable since Santa Cruz County is estimated to be about 80 percent Democrat. California gun store owners are saying that their gun sales have about double since the San Bernardino terrorist attack, and in December of 2015 the FBI process 3.3 million background checks for gun purchases, while in December of 2014 the number was 2.3 million.

"Obama is our No. 1 gun salesman," said Paul Cunningham, a salesperson at the Markley's Indoor Range & Gun. "He's been the salesman of the year for the last eight years."

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]