Order Groceries, Search Recipes, And Sync Schedules With Family All From Your Refrigerator Door

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator was featured at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week with a lot of fanfare. The high-tech refrigerator is jam-packed with tech designed to keep the modern family connected, while making typical kitchen activities less of a hassle. The high-tech refrigerator offers in-kitchen entertainment options such as music and streaming television, but that is only the beginning. From monitoring food levels inside of the fridge to reading recipe instructions aloud to the cook for the evening, the Samsung Family Hub provides features that you have to see to believe.

Engadet reviewers took to CES for a hands-on demo of the Samsung Family Hub. The reviewer says that the refrigerator was so impressive looking with a large 21.5-inch display screen on the door, that he had to stop and take a look at the demo. He notes that the Family Hub offers much of the tech you would expect from the display screen such as the ability to entertain like listening to music via a Pandora app or watching streaming television. However, the entertainment features were only the beginning to what the high-tech refrigerator has to offer.

The Family Hub, as the name suggests, revolves around the idea that the kitchen is the center to much of a families interactions. The refrigerator takes this into consideration and allows family members to communicate with one another via a series of “virtual post-it notes.” The refrigerator screen integrates with the smartphone of all family members making it possible for individuals to leave notes for each other from afar. Therefore, if you are running late or need to change the schedule, you can do so by changing the information on your phone or refrigerator door and it will automatically update to everyone’s devices. From calendars to personal notes, families can integrate their messaging to a prominent feature in their home: the refrigerator.

The gadget-rich kitchen appliance also offers users the unique ability to order food from their refrigerator door. With a few clicks of a button you can order food and even pay a fee to have it delivered. The refrigerator uses web-based grocery services such as Fresh Direct, Shop Right, and My Web Grocer to place the orders but can also integrate with other services as well.The refrigerator can also use cameras to keep track of the items inside of the fridge and can notify you when it is time to order more of a specific item, like eggs. It can also inform you when items are approaching their expiration date.

Additionally, the fridge allows budding home chefs to look up recipes and will even read the recipe aloud as the meal is prepared. Not sure if you have everything you need for a specific recipe? You refrigerator can help you out there as well and tell you what items you may need to order. VentureBeat notes that in year’s past, the writer had made fun of the techy refrigerators not seeing a place for them in the home. However, after seeing the Samsung Family Hub demo, the reviewer says that remotely accessing your refrigerator is no longer a joke, but a reality.

For parents who like to hang their children’s artwork on the fridge, the Samsung Family Hub contains a space for children create images on the screen to “hang” on the fridge. What do you think of the high-tech refrigerator? Do you think there is a market for a fully-integrated kitchen appliance like the Samsung Family Hub for everyday use, or is this technology something that will take a while to catch on in the mainstream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Image via YouTube/Samsung]