Justin Bieber Wooing Kourtney Kardashian As She Flaunts Weight Loss From Fitness Regime: Scott Disick Irate [Video]

Justin Bieber flaunts ponytail as he seeks to keep Kourtney Kardashian hook-up hot.

Justin Bieber has no desire to stop dating Kourtney Kardashian. And although the 21-year-old pop idol also is canoodling with Hailey Baldwin and hasn’t forgotten his sweetheart, Selena Gomez, 36-year-old reality TV star and mom of three Kourtney is always on his mind after their hot hook-up in recent months, a source told Hollywood Life.

“Justin’s not done with Kourtney, not by a long shot!” revealed that source. “He’s keeping her in his rolodex of women. She offers him stability and that’s huge for him. She’s mature, she’s grown and sexy and she’s not all crazy emotional like the other women he’s use to dealing with.”

Moreover, the insider also shared that the pop star considers Kourtney “smoking hot,” and the Biebs is a Belieber when it comes to his view that it’s right for him to be with Kardashian. Proud that he’s attracted her, he has no plans to let her go now despite Hailey, added the same source.

“Justin still can’t believe her was able to pull [Kourtney] in the first place. He really thought that she was completely out of his league. Being with her has given him crazy confidence and there’s no turning back.”

But Kardashian doesn’t feel the same way after she learned what Bieber said in a recent interview, as the Inquisitr reported.

The pop star joked about the relationship during a recent radio show interview.

“I’m being used, man. What can I say?” teased the Biebs. “We’ll leave it at that.”

That public comment on what Kourtney thought was their private romance made her irate, and she’s regretting the hook-up after learning what her boy toy had to say about her.

Kourtney Kardashian shows off her bathing suit body.
So Kardashian has a new attitude: she’s single and ready to mingle after the initial heartbreak of splitting for good from the baby daddy of her three children, Scott Disick, after nine years together, an insider informed ET.

“Kourtney is 100% over Scott,” emphasized the insider. “Not in a hateful way at all, but she has completely moved on.”

And although she loves her children, Kardashian recognizes that she’s become more introverted since becoming a mom. As a result, her new attitude toward life has made her happier, added the same source.

“She is the happiest she’s been in a really long time — since probably before Mason was born,” the source commented. “When she had him, she really became introverted and only wanted to stay home with the kids.”

Moreover, Kourtney has learned that she needs to take care of herself, and as a result, Kardashian is enjoying more time out of the house.

“This breakup has really showed her that she needs to focus on herself,” added the insider. “She’s spending a lot of time with her girlfriends, is planning dinners and nights out. She’s happy and glowing [and] is dating.”

And although no special someone has come along just yet, Kourtney is keeping an open mind when it comes to relationships.

So how does her baby daddy Scott Disick, 32, feel about all this? Scott is angry at the 21-year-old pop idol who dared to hook up with Kardashian, according to a source cited by In Touch.

“The only place Scott wants Justin to go to is to hell,” summed up a friend of Disick.

Scott is so angry that he doesn’t want to talk about the hook-up that Kardashian was involved in, or even think about it.

Kourtney began her hot hook-up with the Biebs soon after Disick finished his most recent stay in rehab for substance abuse. Kardashian was seen exiting Justin’s hotel late one night, and they also were spotted dancing and dating.

Although Scott now is involved with a model Lina Sandberg, he still feels possessive about Kourtney and dislikes the mere notion of having Kardashian involved with another man, even if that man is 21-years-old.

“It does nothing positive for him and Scott wants to live a positive and sober lifestyle right now,” added the source.

Kourtney Kardashian flaunts her fit figure.
As for how Kourtney is attracting all this male attention, Kardashian follows an intense fitness regime that she detailed on her website.

“I’m generally not a nervous person but I get anxious,” Kourtney revealed. “I force myself to stay healthy. Still, when my anxiety is extreme, it feels like my body is constantly burning calories all day long. One thing I’ve found that really helps is working out.”

And because of that anxiety, Kardashian has intensified her workout, resulting in a boost in weight loss.

“Of course, when I’m having an anxious day, my workout is so much harder. But that’s when it feels good to power through it! I try to exercise 5 days a week. My anxiety is always worse in the mornings, so that’s when I schedule my workouts. I usually start with a quick run or jumping rope to warm up. I have to do something fast to really kill it.”

To those who criticize her for losing too much weight, Kourtney pleaded with them not to judge her.

“People are very quick to judge others by appearances but you truly don’t know what someone’s motivation is or what is going on inside them. For me, exercise is as much about my body as it is about calming my mind,” added Kardashian.

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