San Francisco 49ers Considered Worst Coaching Option

The San Francisco 49ers are considered the worst coaching option available in the NFL because of owner Jed York and general manager Trent Baalke, according to the NFL website.

As is expected at the end of every regular NFL season, there are a handful of head coaching vacancies, as team owners and general managers look to find a better person to right the ship.

As of right now, there are seven vacant head coaching positions in the NFL, some of which were surprises. Others were expected throughout the season because of team performance.

Among the seven NFL teams that need a new head coach are the Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins and the perennially awful Cleveland Browns.

Interestingly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who surprisingly fired Lovie Smith this week, are considered the best head coaching option because of the presence of young Jameis Winston.

The seventh and worst head coaching option in the NFL was the San Francisco 49ers, who eagerly fired Jim Tomsula after his rookie season even though the team had a 5-11 record.

Many do not view the San Francisco 49ers as a head coach friendly team because of how they treated Jim Harbaugh and Jim Tomsula. Both firings were heavily questioned by analysts.

Jim Harbaugh
Jim Harbaugh [Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images]

Jim Harbaugh was one of the most successful coaches in the history of the San Francisco 49ers, but he was essentially shoved out of the NFL because of friction with Trent Baalke.

Jim Tomsula didn’t exactly win over the San Francisco 49ers fan base, but he was thrown into a very difficult situation, as the team lost several star players, including Patrick Willis.

Veteran NFL head coaches might not want to sign with the San Francisco 49ers, especially if they have experienced difficulties with management during one of their previous stints.

Assistant coordinators looking to move up in the NFL might be hesitant to use their first chance with the San Francisco 49ers because a bad run could ruin their chances forever.

Another thing that might scare away potential head coaches from the San Francisco 49ers is the fact that there are so many different holes that still need to be filled on the roster.

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line is no longer the dominant force that they used to be when the team was going deep into the NFL Playoffs and competing for the Super Bowl.

Alex Boone is still solid. So is Joe Staley, but he is on the wrong side of 30. Anthony Davis might come back, but the San Francisco 49ers still need to find two more interior linemen.

Trent Baalke
Trent Baalke [Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images]

Anquan Boldin is getting older, Vernon Davis is now with the Denver Broncos and Torrey Smith underachieved last season. That might not be very appealing to potential head coaches.

Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush showed potential to be a really good combination at the running back position, but both guys were unable to stay healthy, which might also scare coaches.

Colin Kaepernick regressed and is no longer a franchise quarterback in the NFL. Blaine Gabbert was better than expected but not very many coaches are going to be excited about him.

The San Francisco 49ers do have the seventh overall pick in the NFL Draft, but Trent Baalke hasn’t always been good at finding talent. His entire 2012 draft class is no longer there.

Between potential issues with upper management and the lackluster roster that still needs a handful of starters, the San Francisco 49ers are not a very appealing option for coaches.

[Featured Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]