Did Gwen Stefani Stop Wearing Red Lipstick To Make Blake Shelton Happy?

Gwen Stefani has ditched her red lipstick in recent months, and there are a couple of theories about the No Doubt singer’s more neutral pout.

While Gwen still sports her signature red lips some of the time, she certainly has been going for a nude or light pink shade a lot more often. Is there a man to blame for Stefani’s big makeup switch? Some think Blake Shelton might be the reason Gwen has toned it down, while others think Gavin Rossdale might be to blame.

Gwen Stefani has been rocking red lipstick pretty consistently since No Doubt dropped their self-titled album back in 1992. For those who are counting, it was their next album, Tragic Kingdom, that made Gwen and her Southern California ska-punk band a household name. Through multiple albums, a solo career, marriage and three babies, one thing didn’t change with Gwen and that was her red lipstick.

It seems that while coaching on The Voice, Gwen did the unthinkable and started wearing much more subtle colors. Now Gwen Stefani is starting to wear nude and light pink lipstick a lot more often, something that was unheard of in the past. People reported that Gwen Stefani might be wearing a different makeup look because of a man. Is it possible that Stefani is sporting the pretty pinks and neutrals because Blake Shelton prefers a softer look?

Stefani did wear a lot of more neutral looks on the last season of The Voice. Although Gwen’s clothing style remained wild as ever, she definitely toned down her makeup and more specifically, her bold red lips. While Stefani initially spent a lot of her time on the set of The Voice with Blake Shelton, their romance has definitely gone off-stage as well. Hollywood Life claimed back in December that Blake got busted all the time backstage at The Voice with Gwen’s red lipstick marks all over his face. It’s safe to say that Shelton doesn’t mind if Gwen Stefani is wearing red lipstick or none at all, he’s pretty happy to have her as his girlfriend.

This may also be Stefani’s way of getting back at Gavin Rossdale after their heartbreaking split. It was no secret that Gavin really liked to see Gwen Stefani all made up. The Bush frontman openly admired Gwen’s bold style and dark red lips. Rossdale even told Ryan Seacrest at one point that kissing Gwen’s ruby lips was “worth it,” and explained how he just washed the makeup off later with soap and water. Gwen Stefani must have enjoyed making her ex-husband happy because she rocked those bright red lips without fail throughout their relationship.

One indicator that Gwen is opting to tone down her look because of Gavin Rossdale can be traced back to her comeback hit, “Used To Love You.” Gwen’s newest release was obviously written all about her breakup with Gavin. Imagine our shock when the entire video is done with Stefani sporting a nude lip. Not only that, but when Gwen performs “Used To Love You” live, which has been happening a lot lately, she continues to wear the muted makeup, along with a much softer, ethereal look to her clothing. It wouldn’t be surprising if Gwen Stefani’s whole performance is master crafted to be the ultimate revenge on Gavin Rossdale for breaking her heart.

Gwen Stefani hasn’t given any opinion as to why her makeup style changed so drastically. It’s pretty safe to say that the new look probably was inspired a bit by Blake Shelton and Gavin Rossdale. Maybe Gwen is changing up her look because Blake would probably be just as infatuated with her if she had blue lips. Shelton doesn’t really seem to care if Gwen is dressed up or down. As for Gavin Rossdale, there has to be something to Gwen’s makeup theme throughout the “Used To Love You” video as well as when Stefani performs the song live.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Chasing Fireflies]