All About The Superfood Swap Diet From ‘My Diet Is Better Than Yours’

On Thursday night, viewers fell in love with the new show My Diet Is Better Than Yours. One diet that everyone was impressed with was the Superfood Swap Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner. With the Superfood Swap Diet, you still get to eat things you love, but you have to be smart about everything. New York Post shared about the Superfood Swap diet that everyone wants to know about after seeing it on the new show My Diet Is Better Than Yours.

In the Superfood Swap, you change out things you crave for other things that are better for you. On the show, she also showed how you can have a fun party with your daughter by doing manicures and other things instead of making it all about eating candy and junk food. She also explained that in the Superfood Swap, you can still have cake, but you enjoy a nice piece of cake while you are out eating instead of bringing an entire cake home with you and being tempted to eat it all. This swap alone can help you start to lose weight, but of course there is a lot more to this diet. Dawn Jackson Blatner explained the Superfood Swap, saying that “When you eat what you actually want (instead of a restrictive diet) you can stick with it forever — no on-again, off-again roller coaster.”

On Dawn Jackson Blatner’s website, she explains more about the Superfood Swap Diet. Dawn has a cookbook and four-week program coming sometime in 2016. There is also a section full of recipes that totally work on this diet if it is the one that you want to try. One big thing about the Superfood Swap Diet is that you still work out, but working out is meant to be fun. You find something you enjoy and do that, instead of just hitting the gym, which can be a miserable and unenjoyable experience for some.

You will also find a list of free cheat sheets for the Superfood Swap Diet on Dawn’s website. This shows you a list of things that you can swap really easy and still feel satisfied. In the Superfood Swap Diet, Dawn recommends having pistachios instead of pretzels and zucchini noodles instead of pasta. You can have a dark chocolate square instead of eating a chocolate chip cookie. These superfoods can replace things in your diet without making you feel like you are not getting what you want to eat. She also recommends eating a frozen banana with a bit of cocoa powder on it or almonds dipped in honey for your sweet tooth. There are so many different swaps that you can do to not feel hungry.

On this new show there are five different diets, and it is easily proven that different diets work for different people. If you are interested in the Superfood Swap Diet, then you can learn more as she teaches this diet on the show. Of course, everyone is going to argue which diet they think is the best.

Do you think that the Superfood Swap Diet could be the perfect diet for you? Will this help you lose the weight, and will you be able to stick with this diet? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss learning more about the Superfood Swap Diet every week on Thursday night on My Diet Is Better Than Yours. This show is going to teach you all about the Superfood Swap Diet as long as Dawn Jackson Blatner is able to stick around, and so far things are looking good for her.

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