ISIS Militant Killed His Own Mother For Apostasy

Ali Saqur, an ISIS Militant, killed his own mother in front of the Raqqa post office, after reporting her to his ISIS leaders for Apostasy. Standing before a crowd of hundreds, this 21 year-old ISIS Militant shot and killed his own mother, Leena al-Qasem, as a crowd of hundreds looked on. Lenna, was known affectionately in her community as the “mother of the mail” because she worked at the post office.

Raqqa Syria is a city under siege. Pillaged and oppressed by ISIS, blasted by
Russian bombers and “entertained” by mass execution they are forced to attend, Raqqa is a city controlled by terror. Everything there is controlled by ISIS, western clothing, ipods and everything else that indicates one is living in the 21st century is forbidden. Infractions are severely punished.

ISIS Militant Killed His Own Mother: Was It Because She Asked Him To Flee?
AL reports that Leena al-Qasem, was shot and killed by her son on Friday, after his leaders confirmed his allegations that she was not a true believer of the faith. Lenna had asked her son to leave the radical Islamic State extremist group, and flee the city. Instead of taking his mother’s advice, Ali Saqur, reported her. Then Ali, this young ISIS militant, killed his own mother in the public square of his home city of Raqqa Syria.

Was Lenna al-Qasem Executed Because She Was An AlWite?
According to The Guardian, Lenna al-Qasem was divorced 5 years ago from Ali Saqur’s father. Before her marriage she had resided in Jabba, and was a member of the Alawite sect. Alwites are often persecuted for their beliefs and practices, which are kept secret, but it is believed that Alwites incorporate elements of Gnostic, neo-Platonic, and Christian elements to their otherwise Shiite Muslim belief system. Sunnis do not consider them true Muslims. Many Alwites also hold allegiance to the Assad government. Alwites account for a large percentage of Assad’s military and security forces.

ISIS-Militant-Kills-Mother [Image via AP]

The New York Times reports that the anti ISIS activist group, RBSS, or Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, has informed them of the details.

“Her request was not the reason she was killed. But both monitoring groups say the Islamic State had declared the mother guilty of apostasy and had ordered her death.
Raqqa residents said the woman was Alawite, a member of the heterodox Shiite sect that dominates the leadership of Syrian security forces. The Islamic State considers Alawites apostates, a possible factor in the death.”

Leena al Qasem Wanted To Leave the City And Return to Her Homeland With Her Son
Leena wanted to escape with her son, to her former home in Jabba, which is still an Assad regime stronghold. Ali found her pleas offensive and revealed both her loyalties to the enemy and her religious practices, which would be considered an apostasy to a group of Islamic State extremist Muslims. So the young ISIS militant killed his own mother as proof of his loyalty.

ISIS-Militants-and-Russian-Bombs-Destroy-Syrian-Cities [Image via AP/Mehmet Shakir]

Tragically, Lenna al-Qusem was gunned down by her own son, in full view of all her friends and neighbors. She was also martyred for her Alwite faith. Her son, an ISIS extremist killed his own mother for her so called Apostasy. Her city of origin, her religion and her suggestion to flee all indicated that she was not committed to ISIS leadership, and so she was killed.

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently

Members of the activist group, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, report regularly on the carnage they witness in their daily lives. This incident is only one of the many atrocities they have exposed to the west. More than 2000 of their friends and neighbors in the city of Raqqa have been executed by ISIS. Exposing ISIS from inside the city of Raqqa is a dangerous business, and many RBSS members have been executed, including Ibrahim Abdul Kadar and Fares Hammadi, according to The Independent, a U.K. news source.

Life in Raqqa is almost unbearable due to the perpetual atmosphere of war, terror, and oppression. The presence of ISIS is everywhere, watching, condemning and arresting. Still, even in a city beset with bombings, air raids, beheadings and massive executions, it seems unimaginable that even a young ISIS militant killed his own mother in a public execution style murder.

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