Edward Archer Shooting Video: Man Who Shot 13 Times At Police Officer Jesse Hartnett Was 'Hearing Voices, Laughing To Himself' [Video]

Edward Archer is the name of the man in the above photo from the Philadelphia Police Department. According to police, Edward can be seen in the below video where Archer shoots at a Philadelphia police officer named Jesse Hartnett at point-blank range. Edward used a stolen police officer's gun on Thursday, January 7, to perform the dastardly deed, police say.

Warning: The below video show Archer firing upon Officer Hartnett might be disturbing to some viewers.

As reported by Heavy, Edward was dressed in "Muslim" garb and said that he shot the Philadelphia cop "in the name of Islam." Archer also pledged his allegiance to ISIS, or the Islamic state, and claimed to follow Allah.

The above video shows a man, believed to be Edward, wearing a long white tunic and running up to the police vehicle pointing a weapon and running away. That man was allegedly Archer, who shot the Philadelphia cop "in the name of Islam," reports New York's PIX11/WPIX-TV.

Edward is a 30-year-old man who shot at the police officer at least 13 times into the vehicle, which caused Archer to empty his 9mm handgun. The video shows Edward sticking both arms into the car, with Archer shooting at the 33-year-old Philly cop in West Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Police Twitter page, Officer Jesse miraculously survived the shooting by Archer and is recovering from his injuries after being wounded three times.

Despite Edward's alleged confessions to police about following Allah and pledging allegiance to ISIS, which Archer reportedly cited were the reasons he committed the shooting crime, Archer's attack isn't being called a terrorist attack, reports Philly.com.

Archer's mother claims that Edward had been hearing voices in his head prior to the ambush in West Philadelphia Thursday evening that left Hartnett wounded. It was a police officer's gun, ironically, that Edward used to commit the shooting. Archer reportedly did not use Officer Jesse's gun to shoot Hartnett, but Edward used a police 9mm semiautomatic pistol that had been stolen from a police officer's house in 2013.

Philly.com notes how Edward's mother, Valerie Holliday, called Archer a devout Muslim who has been one for a long time. The oldest of seven children, Edward also had head injuries due to football, said Archer's mom. Edward also suffered injuries from a moped mishap, and Archer had been acting weird as of late, claimed Edward's mom. Valerie described how Archer had been laughing and talking to himself.

"He's been acting kind of strange lately. He's been talking to himself... laughing and mumbling. He's been hearing voices in his head. We asked him to get medical help. He's going through a lot lately. I don't know how he got the gun. I'm still hoping they have the wrong child."
Whatever the reason for the horrific actions of Edward, the words of Capt. James Clark, the homicide unit commander, explain what Archer allegedly confessed to detectives after the shooting.
"I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State. That is why I did what I did."
The claim that Edward confessed to committing the shooting in the name of Islam is being hotly discussed across social media.

As noted by the official Twitter account of the 14th District, caution was urged.

"Thank the Lord that one of own will recover after being ambushed & shot last night. Please use extreme caution while out on patrol!!"
(Philadelphia Police Department via AP)