Thomas Jaraczeski, Bryan Rein: 'Dateline' NBC Reviews Unsolved Cold Case Murder Of Montana Veterinarian Gunned Down In Trailer In 1996

Thomas Jaraczeski, the Montana man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend, Dr. Bryan Rein, two decades ago, will tell his side of the story tonight in the episode "Mystery In Big Sky Country" on Dateline NBC. Thomas Jaraczeski was accused of entering Bryan Rein's trailer in 1996 and killing him with a gun because he was bitter that Dr. Rein was dating his ex-girlfriend. The cold case is still unsolved. In addition to Thomas Jaraczeski, NBC viewers will hear commentary from law enforcement officials and others who can shed some light on the case that has haunted Geraldine, Montana, for 20 years. Dateline NBC airs a new crime case every weekend


NBC's Dateline will reveal that investigators found the dead body of Bryan Rein on his kitchen floor in 1996. A gun was also nearby. What looked like a suicide at first became a clear case of homicide. Who had shot Dr. Bryan Rein with his own gun? In the days and months after the murder, Dateline NBC will show that there were many theories thrown around as everyone tried to figure out who had done it.

According to the Argus Leader, District Judge Greg Pinski made the following statement.

"The defense had so many alternate theories about who did this that were plausible.() People in Geraldine and Fort Benton have been sitting around discussing this case for decades, and it's important for people to understand why the jury came to their decision."
Originally from Kansas, Dr. Bryan Rein moved to Geraldine, a picturesque small town in Montana, in order to start a vet clinic. Some time after the move, he became romantically involved with Ann Wishman. Court records show that Wishman was still living with Thomas Jaraczeski when she first came into contact with 31-year-old Bryan Rein, a handsome veterinarian.


Ann Wishman had been dating Thomas Jaraczeski for years. And though the relationship with him started out as most, eventually Jaraczeski allegedly became too intense, and often showed anger because he was jealous of seeing Ann Wishman around other men. In fact, he would become so enraged that he would punch things, such as the wall, to get the anger out, according to statements made by Ann Wishman. Finally, she became tired of the problems in the relationship and decided to move on after meeting Dr. Bryan Rein.

The situation between Thomas Jaraczeski and Ann Wishman worsened after he found out that she was seeing Dr. Rein. That's when he began following her and stalking her, according to court record. The stalking allegedly included showing up at Wishman's farmhouse and Dr. Rein's trailer -- unannounced. He also showed up to beg Ann Wishman to go out with him, and to talk to him about renewing their relationship. When Wishman would refuse, court papers say that Jaraczeski often cried and became upset to the point that his own mother believed that he should "see" a professional to deal with his emotions.

Records also show that someone busted out a window at Bryan Rein's vet clinic. Thomas Jaraczeski was also accused of breaking into his ex-girfriend's farm home where he read entries in her diary -- entries that indicated that she was in love with Dr. Rein.


Authorities did eventually arrest Thomas R. Jaraczeski, but the charges were dropped before he was charged again. A jury found him not guilty in 2014. Today, the victim's family just tries to concentrate on what kind of man Bryan Rein was, his sister Teresa Noll told KSN.

"Judgment day will come.() I now we just move on with good memories.() He was very ornery. He was a jokester but a very smart, smart, smart person."
Thomas Jaraczeski has always denied having anything to do with Bryan Rein's fatal shooting. To find out the twists and turns of this unsolved mystery, join Dateline NBC tonight. Check their website for tonight's exact time.

Dateline NBC episode "Mystery In Big Sky Country"

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