Who Is Becca Tilley Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Season With Ben Higgins?

Becca Tilley is still looking for love and it seems she thinks she may find it with Ben Higgins in ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season. Many will remember that Becca was also on Season 19, last winter with Chris Soules. Her return definitely has fans buzzing. What do people need to know about Becca as she throws herself into this new season?

Bachelor fans first met Becca Tilley last winter as she participated in Chris Soules’ season. In fact, Tilley was the runner-up in that season, being rejected at the final rose ceremony when Chris picked Whitney Bischoff instead. Many fans thought that Soules wanted to pick Tilley over Bischoff, but that her hesitation in committing to a life together scared him off.

Now, Becca is back and hoping that Ben Higgins might be everything that Chris, ultimately, wasn’t for her. She showed up during the first night of introductions with Ben and caught everybody off-guard. Becca did get a rose in that initial rose ceremony and Reality Steve‘s spoilers detail that she will be sticking around for a bit.

As Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detailed during filming, Becca and Ben did have some communications prior to his departure for filming. It was nothing like what Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nick Viall had, but they were not total strangers to one another, either. In fact, Reality Steve claims that Ben actually told Becca not to show up for the Season 20 filming. Whether that is true or not, Becca Tilley is said to garner a fair number of roses this season.

Becca is 26-years-old and lives in San Diego, California. Her ABC profile still lists her as being a chiropractic assistant, the same gig she had heading into Soules’ season. Tilley has two tattoos and is very close to her family.

As many will remember, Becca is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana and she has four siblings. Her hometown date during Chris’ season took place at her sister Katie’s house, and Reality Steve‘s spoilers teased that Katie is married to former Louisiana State University football player Jacob Hester. Becca also has sisters named Caroline and Hannah and a brother named Chris Jr.

This Bachelor contestant jokes that she can’t live without her wifi signal, Netflix, friends, family, and food and she believes that her biggest achievement in life, so far, is having stayed in California on her own after Katie and Jacob moved back to Louisiana.

Becca has stayed close to both Whitney and Kaitlyn Bristowe from her season of The Bachelor. Kaitlyn even recently said that she will likely have both Bischoff and Tilley in her wedding party whenever she marries Shawn Booth. Prior to joining “Bachelor Nation,” Becca dated The Voice contestant Dez Duron, who made it quite far into his season via Christina Aguilera’s team.

Tilley has been posting some new photos of Dez lately, and it would appear that the two have stayed close since they ended their earlier romance. In fact, fans have been buzzing a bit wondering if Becca and Dez might even be dating again. In taking a look at Duron’s similar post of an outing together a short time ago, it certainly seems they are on very good terms these days.

'Bachelor' contestant Becca Tilley and 'Voice' contestant Dez Duron
[Image via Becca Tilley's Instagram]

However, even if these two have rekindled their romance, Tilley can’t confirm anything of that nature until her run on Higgins’ Bachelor season plays out. While some question Becca’s motives for her return to the show, wondering if she’s angling more to build her brand or snag the lead spot for the next season of The Bachelorette, she says she thinks that Ben could be the one for her and she wants to explore the option.

Just how far does Becca Tilley make it on Season 20 with Ben? Reality Steve‘s spoilers have detailed that she will get a serious amount of air time over the course of this winter. However, she may fall short of snagging Ben Higgins’ final rose. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season airing on Monday nights to see just how things play out between Ben and Becca.

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