Top 10 Non-Netflix Shows To Binge This Weekend

This weekend will be shorter for many people because of Daylight Saving Time beginning, which means one hour less for sleeping. However, that doesn't mean that you should cut an hour out of binge-watching the best TV shows available. The only problem is you've watched everything available on Netflix, so now what?

Never fear, here are the top 10 TV shows that are not on Netflix to binge watch during this shortened weekend. There are a variety of streaming services that offer intriguing original content like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Showtime, and HBO NOW. While they all come with monthly subscription fees, if you aren't a subscriber, you can try each one out for free with a trial.

For instance, get HBO NOW's standalone service with a seven-day free trial and then $14.99 a month if you choose to keep it. For Showtime, the free trial period is also seven days, but the monthly price after the trial is only $10.99 with the option to cancel any time. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video is included with Amazon Prime subscriptions, which are available to try for free for 30 days. After the trial period, Amazon Prime is $12.99 per month and offers much more than video streaming services. Finally, Hulu offers a one-month free trial, and the service is as cheap as $5.99 a month depending on your package needs.


WARNING: This video contains NSFW language.
Season 4 of this Showtime hit starts on March 17, and if you haven't watched the first three seasons, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse into the seedier side of justice and hedge fund trading.


SMILF is another must-watch Showtime series. With two seasons that total 15 episodes available right now, it's an excellent possibility during the shortened weekend. Each one lasts around 30 minutes, and right now Showtime has Season 1 episodes 1 through 3 available to watch for free.

Black Monday

WARNING: This video contains NSFW language.
With seven episodes, Season 1 of Black Monday is easily binge-able during the mere 47 hours available this Saturday and Sunday.

Handmaid's Tale

A genuinely chilling tale based on the 1985 novel by Margaret Atwood of the same name, Hulu has two seasons of The Handmaid's Tale with Season 3 set to begin airing on June 5 of this year.

The Path

Also on Hulu, The Path offers three seasons of life in and out and back inside the fictional cult of Meyerism. Starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, if you haven't watched this show yet, now is the time.

Game Of Thrones

With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones arriving April 14, now is the time to dive into this epic tale on HBO either for the first time or for a refresher since it's been so long since Season 7 aired.


Lighten things up a bit and check out the life of a fictional vice president and president in Veep to get a humorous take on how things work in Washington. The hit HBO show's seventh and final season starts airing on March 31, so now is a great time to catch up.

The Widow

Amazon Prime Video's newest series The Widow starring Kate Beckinsale offers eight action-packed episodes in Season 1.


A fantastic role for Julia Roberts, Amazon Prime Video's Homecoming tells an eye-opening tale of the actual cost of war on soldiers who've returned home to find that their memories have grown hazy.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

If you haven't watched Prime Video's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, stop everything and start binging now. With two seasons, this award-winning show leaves you wanting more. The good news? Season 3 is in the works!